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Friday, May 28, 2021

DICT Caraga gets GECS-MOVE project

By Jennifer P. Gaitano

BUTUAN CITY, May 28 (PIA) – The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) spearheaded on Friday the Regional Handover Ceremony of the Government Emergency Communications System (GECS) Project - Mobile Operations Vehicle for Emergency (MOVE) to its regional office here held at The Pavilion of Watergate, with the presence of various stakeholders in Caraga region.

With the said project, the DICT opted to engage stakeholders and disseminate information regarding the project's objectives, role, and capabilities when responding to communication demands during disasters.

It is also aimed to achieve the following: 1) Handover of the GECS MOVE sets to the DICT Regional Offices; 2) Highlight the technical capabilities of GECS MOVE in responding to disaster; 3) Establish linkage with local stakeholders in view of emergency communications; 4) Showcase the specially-engineered vehicles for appreciation of the local responding agencies; and 5) Establish the national significance of resilient government emergency communications in view of public service continuity.

Dir. Sittie Rahma Alawi, OIC-Regional Director of DICT-Mindanao Cluster 2, emphasized the importance of being equipped with high-end and useful equipment to be utilized during disasters and emergencies particularly in the field of communication so as not to hamper the delivery of relevant information and updates to the public.

On behalf of Agusan del Norte Governor Dale Corvera, SB Board Member Elizabeth Calo shared his message to all the participants/guests of the said event and expressed that the provincial government fully supports this endeavor of the DICT for innovating new technology to better strengthen the communications operations, particularly during disasters and emergencies.

Calo further highlighted that with the GECS MOVE Project, it provides pre-positioned assets for immediate deployment of the MOVE that incorporates integrated communications equipment in defined areas being devastated by natural calamities, which will warrant immediate information transfer, thus providing prompt and critical decision-making.

DICT Usec. Alan Silor, who served as the keynote speaker of the event, highlighted the advantages of the equipment, especially during disasters/emergencies.

"The MOVE is the government's state-of-the-art reform in information and communications technology. With the absence of communication during a disaster, we would not be able to know the status and condition of the people in the area affected by a disaster, hence, this initiative and innovation are indeed very helpful in disaster risk reduction and management. This is fast and reliable when we talk of connectivity," said Silor.

Also, Mats Persson, deputy country director of World Food Programme (WFP) bared the organization's support to DICT especially in the operation of the GECS-MOVE in Caraga region. "With the technology that is being placed here, the national and local governments could understand better what is happening on the ground during disasters. We know that communication is extremely important," he underscored.

Meanwhile, Director Liza Mazo of the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) and chair of the Regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (RDRRMC) Caraga elaborated how communication is important during disasters.

"We had experienced major natural disasters in the past and we know that without the advent of communications technology our response operation is greatly affected. An integrated communication system is really relevant in DRRM," she cited. (JPG/PIA-Caraga)

Fundraiser for vulnerable sectors launched by local SK

By Doreen Marielle N. Rosales

BUTUAN CITY, May 28 (PIA) – To sustain the efforts of the local government unit, the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Federation of this city launched various fundraisers to extend assistance to marginalized residents.

During her guesting at the Network Briefing News on Tuesday, May 18, with Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Asec. JV Arcena, SK Federation Pres. Cynth Zephanee Nietes elaborated the projects of the youth to aid citizens in need when the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic struck.

“Basically since last year, we had our resources realigned for COVID-19 responses so what we did was finding some network to support us financially kaya maraming naging partner namin from NGOs, CSOs, youth volunteers,” she said.

In April, they launched the Share-A-Cup, a donation drive for vulnerable sectors greatly affected by the pandemic during the heightened community quarantine such as homeless persons, street children, public utility vehicle (PUV)/padyak/tricycle drivers, and students as well as frontline workers. Food packs containing rice, canned goods, instant milk drink, poultry products such as chicken and egg, crackers, and face masks were given to chosen beneficiaries.

One of such partnerships included that with Tudlo BXU, a non-profit, youth-led initiative that aims to help increase underprivileged students’ access to online learning. In July, they teamed up with the said youth group in four of its programs: Hataget; Tudlo BXU Fundraiser; and Scratch4ED and distributed school supplies such as printers and reams of bond papers to select schools in the city.

Even with the gradual adoption of the new normal, the local SK Federation continues to launch activities to cultivate youth engagement in the comfort of their own homes. A three-day online discourse entitled “An Hour with YOUth” was launched from May 17-19, 2021, to showcase Butuanon youths who have made significant contributions to the community in various ways.

For the first session, they featured Butuanon youth who excelled by pursuing their passion in sports, arts, and in their careers. Youth leaders whose advocacies are tied strongly to building peace and development in their community were featured in the second session and in the last session, youth advocates of philanthropy discussed their projects in response to the current crisis.

With the upcoming elections, Nietes said they are now actively encouraging the youth to actively participate in shaping the political climate of the country and have themselves register as voters.

“Kami kasi yung dapat nasa frontlines. Dapat hindi kami indifferent at nangingialam dapat kami sa nangyayari sa bayan,” she added.

This participation, the youth leader went on, can best be shown by religiously abiding health protocols. The local youth official called on fellow youth to listen to the authorities and abide by important advisories, especially those that will help curb the transmission of the disease. (DMNR/PIA-Caraga)

Butuan City SK launches mental health campaign amid pandemic

By Doreen Marielle N. Rosales

BUTUAN CITY, May 28 (PIA) -- In addition to accessing basic necessities, maintaining mental health had also become even more challenging during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. This urged a group of public youth servants in this city to intervene and promote the importance of having a sound mental health, especially during an ongoing health crisis.

Dubbed as #MindfulMonday, the city’s Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Federation launched the campaign earlier this year on March 22, 2021 to address the deteriorating mental health not only of the Butuanon youth but of the other residents in the city.

“We came up with #MindfulMonday where we post something to encourage people to live on,” said SK Federation President Cynth Zephanee Nietes during her guesting at the Network Briefing News on Tuesday, May 18, with Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Asec. JV Arcena.

Motivational quotes and mantras are posted every Monday on their official Facebook page, the SK Pederasyon ng Butuan City, to remind local netizens to take a few moments to be mindful in order to start their day right and maintain a good mood throughout the day.

The youth group also partnered with the Department of Health (DOH) Caraga to encourage more residents to reach out to the department’s hotline for psychological support.

“Residents can also reach out when they feel overwhelmed at the moment and may need someone to talk to about what’s bothering them,” Nietes added.

To access immediate mental health support, dial 09086158754 (Smart)/09272304885 (Globe) or message the city SK Federation through

https://www.facebook.com/skfed.butuancity/. (DMNR/PIA-Caraga)

The challenges of flexible learning modality

By Noel M. Cubillas

We are, as we all know, in the grip of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) scourge. It has been more than a year since this unwelcome occurrence. It has had an impact on several societal components such as the economics, social structure and more, including governmental institutions such as school closures.

As a result, face-to-face schooling was terminated. A multiplicity of problems have arisen as a result of the new teaching approaches, which include the online class and the modular class affecting the students’ performance, as well as the parents’ and the teachers.

Starting with the concept of online learning. There are several aspects to consider while using this sort of learning method. Being still a developing country, we recognize that not everyone has access to this sort of education.

This form of learning is only available to the fortunate few who have access to sufficient materials to make it practicable. Despite the fact that several studies have demonstrated that remote learning may be as excellent as or better than in-person learning for students who choose it, we cannot ignore the screams of the many.

Regardless of the fact that there has been a lot of favorable feedback regarding the notion of online learning, there have also been a lot of studies that show the opposite. Experts predict that when distance learning becomes more prevalent in the long run, the mental, emotional, and academic consequences will be difficult.

According to Amy Bintliff, a developmental psychologist and professor in the Department of Education Studies at the University of California, San Diego, mismatches between anticipation and reality can be problematic for adolescents. Part of this is due to the fact that essential features, such as commencement, cannot take place as planned. The youth may be most affected by the loss of personal perceptions.

Diving into the notion of modular classes, as much as online learning concerns both teachers and students, it has also resulted in an excessive amount of adjustment.

Although it is unavoidable not to adjust, especially given our current circumstance, it is upsetting to observe such difficulties. In comparison to what was given and done during face-to-face sessions, the situation has quadrupled both the instructors' and students' workloads.

Several causes have led to the pupils' unintentional procrastination. Because of the abrupt modifications, the greatest result of both parties cannot be guaranteed 100 percent since everyone understands that there will be flaws on both sides -shortcomings that cannot be wholly placed on any one party.

Of course, there are advantages to this new learning mode, such as students' responsibility for controlling their schedule, but various objections have arisen criticizing students' lack of enthusiasm to learn as a result of self-studying.

Although many people understand it, there is not much that can be done. Everyone is concerned about how this will assist them in order to get the necessary information for future purposes such as the struggles of graduating students right now.

Everyone has suffered greatly as a result of the pandemic. That is indisputably true. For the time being, all we can do is pray and hope that this distressing phenomenon would disappear as soon as possible.

That would be the only way we will be able to live our lives regularly and normally as we did previously. For now, we must have the confidence to face the obstacles of the new modified norms. (Buhangin Elem. School, DepEd-Butuan City Division/PIA-Caraga)

Education: A beacon of optimism for the future of the world

By Noel M. Cubillas

Education is a complex process in which a person learns about numerous elements of life, comprehends other views, and attempts to apply what they have learned in their everyday lives.

Indeed, it is critical for children, people, and society as a whole. People gain knowledge of the world around them through education, which transforms it into something better. It enables individuals acquire a view on the world, as well as thoughts and points of view on a variety of topics or issues that we get to encounter everyday.

Education comes in many forms, and we don't even realize it. Starting with forming our own personal beliefs on many subjects and progressing to revising them as we observe and sympathize with others' perspectives.

Even the simplest of tasks, such as cooking, can be challenging. We wouldn't be able to develop an excellent product with just about everything if we weren't given the incentive to und erstand. A simple piece of advice from a friend or family member is also a type of education.

Exploring more about the topic, education is also one way of boosting a person's confidence and nurturing his or her self-esteem by making him or her aware of his or her surroundings. It also aids an individual's ability to speak and express himself/herself more effectively.

Proper education and training help to mature the intellect. An individual can determine what is righteous and immoral. Education makes a person self-sufficient and enables him to follow the laws of the nation. Education raises people's level of living.

It also assists people in understanding their requirements and provides a means for them to get them. Education lays the groundwork for a respectable living. If one is educated, he or she can work in industry or another professional service.

In an era where modernization abounds, of course, we all are aware for the fact that education takes a huge toll of this so-called advancement. Starting with current advancements such as automobiles, which are always developing as a result of study. Newly built buildings and residences, modern technology that this generation uses on a daily basis for job, education, etc.

Education is responsible for the growth of everything through time. It is an important component of our everyday life. It is a part of our history, our present, as well as our foreseeable future.

This civilization will strive to advance as new skills are developed. More research will be performed, which will result in new discoveries such as medications and other commodities that will be critical to the lives of millions of people.

As a prolific individual and engaging citizen of the world, and to be able to garner respect from the international community, one should always be learning new things and learning new stuff in school.

We will be able to take a step forward as a result of this, whether it is slow or rapid; progress is progress. Acquiring knowledge entails having faith in the future. As long as we have this, there is still hope for what is to come. (Buhangin Elem. School, DepEd-Butuan City Division/PIA-Caraga)

From lucrative professions to farming by choice

By Perry Irish H. Duran

Owing to production challenges, such as unstable prices and climate-related stresses, many farmers might have been contemplating on leaving rice farming. But for Leo Franco L. Ebardo of Bayugan City and Terencio R. Oquendo, Jr. of Esperanza, both in Agusan del Sur, their choice is to join this bumpy ride of producing more rice.

Truth to tell, they have joined the Esperanza Seed Growers-Farmers’ Association (ESEGFA), which was born in 2018 through DA-PhilRice’s Rice Business Innovations System (RiceBIS) Community Program that aims to transform farmers into agripreneurs.

Ready, set, plant!

RiceBIS Agusan started to take root in 2017 with the Dacutan Farmers’ Multi-purpose Cooperative (DAFAMCO). Project lead Sharen T. Rivas explained DAFAMCO was chosen as beneficiary because its business capabilities could still be improved despite its existence for many years.

“The cooperative had unutilized assets like the rice milling machine provided by the government. Capitalizing on this, we introduced the milled rice business to the cooperative. While we are not yet able to fully realize this owing to various circumstances, some clusters are already engaged in it,” Rivas narrated.

Looking at this business still from a distance, RiceBIS Agusan introduced another agroenterprise, the rice seed production and marketing. They trained capable farmers and invited even non-cooperative members who were interested. In 2018, Leo and Terencio were separately invited to the training on seed production. That was the first time Terencio came to know about RiceBIS.

“I remember that because if not for RiceBIS, I would have continued sailing overseas. I wouldn’t be a seed grower now,” Terencio opened up.

Terencio, 34, was a seafarer for eight years. Providentially, his first venture in seed production paid off and though he did not entirely plan to abandon the seas, rice seeds became his means to be with his family for good. His manning agency kept on calling him to go back overseas but he chose to continue his newfound job.

“As a seafarer, homesickness is inevitable. You just can’t help wishing you were with your family. That’s why I decided to stay with them for good and be a full-time rice farmer instead,” Terencio shared.

Leo, 29, is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and learned rice farming at an early age from his farmer-father. When his father had a heart attack in 2013, Leo and his younger brother took over their farm. While he did not get to practice his degree, what he learned from school came in handy in his farm management and record-keeping chores.

Leo admitted that he and his family had been wanting to become seed growers and RiceBIS helped make it happen.

“We asked the local agriculture office and we were instructed to join an association and wait for the next update. Eventually, we were informed about the training on seed production by RiceBIS,” Leo recalled.

After the training, Leo and Terencio, together with the participants who decided to become seed producers, deemed it necessary to create their own cooperative solely for seed production and marketing, thus ESEGFA was established with Terencio as the chairperson. Now, the association has 27 members and is set to be registered as a cooperative this year.

Becoming competitive

Terencio became more competitive as he engaged in various agroenterprises, such as seed growing and machine servicing.

Terencio participates in RiceBIS activities because he wants to keep himself updated on the current trends in the rice industry. He learned to value-add and beat the low-palay-price fear.

“In RiceBIS, we are presented with opportunities for additional income. Effective marketing and future market prices are also forecasted like the effects of the Rice Tariffication Law enabling us to find ways to ease its impact,” Terencio disclosed.

Terencio also provides combine harvester services. He estimated that his income from machine servicing and growing and marketing rice seeds from his 11-hectare farm now ranges P150,000 - P183,000 per month compared with P70,000 - P80,000 when he was still a seafarer.

Leo, on the other hand, confided that his net income goes as high as P400,000 per cropping season from his 5-hectare farm.

During its first business cycle in the 2019 dry season, ESEGFA sold 521 bags of seeds at 40kg/bag amounting to P755,450. In the second and third cycles, it partnered with the Butuan Seed Producers Multi-Purpose Cooperative to supply seeds to the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (RCEF)-Seed Program, which provides free seeds to farmers.

At 20kg/bag as required by RCEF, 9,742 bags were sold for the 2020DS and 9,775 bags for 2020WS seed distribution. This time, the association’s gross income reached P7,403,920 and P7,429,000, respectively.

Aside from market linkage, ESEGFA members also enjoy easier access to government programs and services. The Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization (PhilMech), through RiceBIS, is set to grant the association with machines such as the combined harvester, rotovator, and mudboat. With this, ESEGFA plans on engaging in other enterprises to include the use of machines for custom hiring, financing, and provision of farm inputs subsidy to its members.

To enhance business efficiency, RiceBIS also established a Farm Business School (FBS) for its farmer-cooperators in the first quarter of 2019.

“I learned how to integrate better business practices in rice production after attending the FBS. Before joining RiceBIS, I only sold fresh harvests. Now, I process them and fatten my profit. Aside from that, RiceBIS encouraged us to engage in other sources of income like vegetable production. For this, I allotted 0.75ha of my farm,” Leo shared.

Though the process required more work, Leo said the modern farming practices taught in the association, such as the use of high-quality seeds, right timing of fertilizer application, and proper diagnosis of diseases, gave him a 20% yield increase and 40% income increment.

“I became more competitive,” the computer engineer turned farmer exclaimed.

Despite the many challenges, Leo and Terencio were grateful they had ever started their new journey with RiceBIS as seed producers. Though initially uncertain, for them, they never regret abandoning their would-have-been lucrative careers. (DA-PhilRice/PIA-Caraga)

KALAHI-CIDSS Caraga launches subproject locator mobile app

BUTUAN CITY, May 28 -- To answer the growing demand for digitalization, the Regional Program Management Office (RPMO) of KALAHI-CIDSS launched on Monday, May 24, 2021, its new mobile application that allows users to track and access information of any sub-projects implemented by the program in Caraga region.

On Monday's virtual convocation and launching of the app, Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Caraga OIC-Regional Director Ramel F. Jamen and KALAHI-CIDSS Deputy National Program Manager Ma. Consuelo Acosta representing Director Janet Armas, commended the Field Office especially the RPMO for the said innovation.

"It is with gladness that I commend the efforts of DSWD Caraga for developing a way to digitalize our efforts to deliver uncompromised solutions. The KALAHI-CIDSS Program Resource Online/Offline Locator Mobile App is among our solutions to tackle the challenges ahead of us. Not that it only provides creative solutions to our logistical challenges but it is also a smart answer to the growing demand of digitalization,” said Acosta.

"In an era of digitalization, this free and innovative tool offers an efficient and smart solution to challenges that come our way. The power is literally in your hands because the information and data is within your reach. In one QR code scan, you'll get a glimpse of what's in store for you. Data gathering is more accessible now more than ever. This product of sheer ingenuity, creativity, and passion is a testament of DSWD Caraga and KALAHI-CIDSS to deliver no less than what the people deserve," Acosta added.

Currently, the RPMO's team who developed the mobile app is working double-time to add features that allow users to upload photos of the subproject as well as fix issues to ensure smooth usability of the app.

KALAHI-CIDSS or the Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan - Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services is one of the poverty alleviation programs of the government being implemented by the DSWD.

The KC Caraga PRO (Program Resource Online/Offline) Locator Mobile App is built to help users search and navigate subprojects, whether online or offline, with the use of mapping technology.

Users can search and filter by province, municipality, barangay, or even year a subproject was implemented.

The application could also provide a summary of sub-project data and detailed breakdown per province and modality and allow users to view information, location, and updated photos of subprojects. (DSWD-Caraga/PIA-Caraga)

Ordinansa sa Butuan City Mental Health Care and Wellness Coordinating

DAKBAYAN SA BUTUAN, Mayo 28 -- Aprobado na ang ordinansa mahitungod sa Butuan City Mental Health Care and Wellness Coordinating Council nga gipangunahan ni Konsehal Cherry May Busa sa Committee on Health. Katuyoan sa nasangpit nga ordinansa nga mahatagan og igong pagtagad ang mga indibidwal nga adunay mental health issue sa syudad.

Ang City Mental Health Care and Wellness Coordinating Council maoy mahimung responsable sa paghatag sa makanunayon, rasyonal, ug nagkahiusa nga tubag sa problema sa mental health. Lakip na usab nga matagaan og tubag ang mga concerns ug ang pagmugna sa mental health care program.

Gitumong sa ordinansa ang pagpatuman og mga guidelines ug pagpagawas og mekanismo sa lokal nga level. Ang konseho ang mag ugmad og dekalidad nga mental health care programs pinaagi sa pag develop sa sakto ug epektibo nga istruktura, sistema ug mekanismo nga magsiguro ang husto, accessible, barato, angay, episyente, ug epektibo nga paghatag sa mental health care sa mga tawo nga nanginahanglan niini.

Ang kunseho ang:

•Magmasubli ug magpormula ang palisiya ug guidelines sa mental health issues ug concerns;
•Pag develop sa tigman ug inklusibo nga plano ug programa sa mental health;

•Pag palig-on sab sa koleksyon sa datos sa mga kaso, pagpahigayon sa regular monitoring, ug ebalwasyon agig suporta sa policy formulation ug planning sa mental health;

•Pag promote ug pag pasilitar sa mga sector alang sa development ug implementation sa mental health iglabot sa mga programa sa mga ilawom sa sector niini;

•Paghatag sa kinatibuk-ang technical supervision ug sa pagsiguro sa pagsunod sa palisiya, programa, ug proyekto sulod sa comprehensive framework sa City Mental Health Care Delivery System ug sa ubang aktibedades kalabutan sa implementasyon niining oridinansa, pinaagi sa pag review sa mental health services, sa pagsunod sa balaud, ug ubang remedies gikan sa balaud.

•Pagplano ug pag implementa sa mga gikinahanglan ug dali nga capacity building, reorientation, ug training programs para sa tanang mental health professionals, mental health workers, ug allied professionals basi na niining ordinansa.

•Pagsubli sa balaud nga may kalabutan sa mental health ug sa rekomendar nga balaudnon nga maoy musestenar ug magpalig-on sa mga programa, serbisyo, ug uban pang mental initiatives;

•Pagbuhat sa inter-agency committees, project task forces, ug uban pang grupo nga kinahanglan sa pagimplementa sa mga palisiya ug programa sa kini nga ordinansa; ug

•Pagbuhat sa ubang trabaho ug kalihokan nga kinahanglan sa pagpatuman sa katuyoan aning ordinansa.

Subay sa Republic Act No. 11036 o ang The Mental Health Act kini nag hatag og sukdanan sa tanang Pilipino mahitungod sa mental health lakip na sab ang fundamental right sa mga tawo nga nanginahanglan og serbisyo sa mental health.

Ang Butuan City Mental Health Care and Wellness Coordinating Council ang mahimong paagi aron makabuhat og maka dugang sa mga angay nga buhaton sa pagtabang sa katawhan sa syudad aron matagaan og pansin og tubag ang mga nag lisud nga indibidwal sa ilang mental health. (Butuan PIO/PIA Agusan del Norte)

SurSur SP on 14-day lockdown after 2 employees get COVID-19

TANDAG CITY, Surigao del Sur, May 28 (PIA) -- The office of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Surigao del Sur was placed on a 14-day lockdown effective Thursday, May 27 after two of its employees tested positive for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), it announced on Friday.

The SP office is located at the 2nd floor of the Provincial Legislative Building, Capitol Compound in Tandag City.

According to Human Resources Management Office (HRMO) chief Ace Orcullo, following the recommendation of the Tandag City Health Office, some 20 employees were temporarily isolated at the SP office and will undergo the 14-day quarantine while waiting for the scheduled swab next week.

Orcullo clarified that, though the employees were temporarily isolated, they can still process and accept transaction requests from the local government units (LGUs), and review ordinances within the province thru the Vice Governor’s Office (VGO) momentarily to ensure that services remain unhampered.

Meanwhile, VGO employees will temporarily transfer to the Human Resource Training Center while the 2nd floor of the Provincial Legislative Building has been placed under lockdown status for two weeks. (PIA-Surigao del Sur)

PPO Surigao Norte joins simultaneous launching of 'Brigada Estasyon'

SURIGAO CITY, Surigao del Norte, May 28 -- The Police Provincial Office (PPO) of Surigao del Norte joined the simultaneous launching of the Police Regional Office (PRO) 13 Program dubbed as, “Brigada Estasyon” through a virtual meeting led by Provincial Director Police Colonel Noel C. Espinoza on May 22, 2021 held at the Surigao del Norte PPO ground, this city.

PCol. Espinoza together with the 120 personnel of Surigao del Norte Police Provincial Office conducted intensified cleanliness program such as wiping of windows and corridors, deodorizing comfort rooms, organizing tables, and uprooting of unwanted grasses.

The activity is in line with the intensified cleanliness policy of the Philippine National Police chief General Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar that all police stations/precincts, camps, offices, detachments must be clean and presentable.

PRO 13 in compliance with the said directive came up with a project dubbed as “Brigada Estasyon.”

“I encourage our personnel to maintain the orderliness and cleanliness of the camp/offices. This will not only create a healthier environment but we will be more productive and efficient,” PCol. Espinoza said. (PPO-SDN/PIA-Surigao del Norte)

MRF padayon nga gipanghatag sa mga barangay sa lungsod sa San Francisco, AgSur

By Laurence Baladad Tinampay

DAKBAYAN SA BUTUAN, Mayo 28 -- Padayon nga gituman sa lokal nga panggamhanan sa San Francisco, Agusan del Sur ang una na niining commitment nga makahatag ug Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) sa matag barangay sa dapit. 

Gi turn-over, Biyernes, Mayo 28, 2021, ang tag-usa ka MRF ngadto sa tulo ka mga Barangay nga mao ang San Isidro, Karaos ug Alegria. Ang nagamit nga budget alang sa tulo ka pasilidad mikabat sa PhP1,289,031.75 nga kinuha gikan sa 20 porsyento gikan Municipal Development Fund (MDF) sa San Francisco.

Sa pagdawat sa gasa nga pasilidad, si Punong Barangay Jason Dellomes sa  San Isidro, mipasalamat kang Mayor Solomon T. Rufila sa maong proyekto, kay kini daku ug matabang  ilabi na sa pagdisiplina sa ilang katawhan ug pagsunod sa segragation sa ilang mga basura. Nagpasalamat na usab siyang daan sa umaabot nga bonggo nga maoy kargahan sa mga basura, nga nauna nang gisaad sa mayor.

Sa iyang pamulong, si Punong Barangay Blandina Rufila mipasalamat usab nga na turn over na ang maong proyekto ug gidugang ang pagpasalig nga ilang paningkamotang nga ma mentenar ang kalimpyo sa ilang komunidad, pinaagi sa pag segregate sa basura. Sila ni counterpart usab alang sa dugang nga mga kinahanglanon nga mga materyales alang sa mag panindot ug mahimong accessible alang sa mga tao nga molabay ug basura sa maong MRF.

Sa usa ka hamubong mensahe, si Mayor Rufila dili kini pag komplemento lamang nga mga proyekto kay kini dako ug ikatabang sa mga katawhan alang sa kalimpyo sa communidad ug magamit gayod sa kabarangayan sa ilang tinguha sa maayong panglawas ug sanitasyon lakip na usab ang pagprotekta sa kinaiyahan. 

Nagpasalamat usab si Mayor Rufila sa mga SB members tungod sa ilang kasibot sa pagsuporta sa mga proyekto aron dili kini malangan labina kay kini alang sa kaayuhan sa mga katawhan.

Mitambong sa programa sila SBM Dandan, SBM Retuerto, SBM Tandog, SBM Dayondon, Mun. Admin. Mr Barry Maurice Montilla,   opisyales sa konseho sa Brgy Alegria, mga magtutudlo sa Alegria Elementary School kauban ang ilang Principal nga si Mrs Narcisa Ranes.  Anaa usab si Punong Brgy Federico Gerodias, Sr. kauban ang mga opisyales sa konseho sa Brgy karaos. (LGU-San Francisco, PIA-Agusan del Sur)

NPA’s team leader succumbs to government

SURIGAO CITY, Surigao del Norte, May 28 (PIA) -- A team leader of the New People’s Army (NPA) terrorist group surrendered to Police Provincial Office (PPO) of Surigao del Norte and availed the government’s Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) on May 23, 2021 in Barangay Pautao, Bacuag town, this province.

Police Provincial Director Colonel Noel C. Espinoza identified the surrenderee as AKA JR, 28 years old, a resident of Bacuag town and (Alpha) Team Leader of Dragon Platoon, Sentro de Grabidad, Guerilla Front 16 Northeastern Mindanao Regional Committee and listed in the periodic status report.

Intelligence report disclosed that JR joined the NPA on September 2014 and revealed that on 2019, he secluded firearms in a cave on the mountainous parts of Sitio Palilihan, Barangay Mahanub, Gigaquit town.

Joint elements of Surigao del Norte Provincial Intelligence Unit, 1st and 2nd SDN Provincial Mobile Force Company, Gigaquit Municipal Police Station together with Palilihan Patrol Base Delta Coy, 30th Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army retrieved the said firearms on May 24, 2021.

Among the recovered weapons were one AK47 Rifle, one Stoeger Shotgun (PNP property) with serial number 018466 (which was forcibly taken by the NPA during the attack in Alegria Municipal Police Station on July 10, 2014), eight K47 Magazines without ammunition and two black bandoliers.

The former rebel is now under the custody of the PPO and being coordinated and evaluated for subsequent enrollment to E-CLIP.

In his message, PCol. Espinoza lauded the troops for this intervention. “I also encourage the rest of these groups to avail the E-CLIP to access government assistance and services,” PCol. Espinoza said. (PPO-SDN/PIA-Surigao del Norte)

DTI launches 2nd SSF project in Dinagat Islands

SAN JOSE, Dinagat Islands, May 28 -- The provincial office of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has launched recently the Shared Service Facility (SSF) Project on Cacao Processing in Barangay Plaridel, Libjo town, this province.

The DTI SSF Project on Cacao Processing worth P1,340,000.00 aims to help the Dinagat Islands Pure Organic Farmers Association (DIPOFA) in the production of tablea.

The DIPOFA association, which currently produces tablea, is composed of 350 members and registered with the Department of Labor and Employment in March 2018 and has already planted cacao trees on 82 hectares of land where 20,000 cacao trees have already started to bear fruits.

In his message, DTI Caraga Regional Director Edwin O. Banquerigo praised the group for maintaining the passion founded years ago.

"Cacao industry is close to my heart. Five years ago, I've met people from Dinagat Islands during the Cacao conference who would like to plant cacao in the island. Now, it's nice to know that after five years, I'm here launching the SSF on Cacao that aims to help the same group of people I met years ago. You could see the development of the industry here," Dir. Banquerigo said.

Meanwhile, Elmer M. Natad, OIC-Provincial Director of DTI Dinagat Islands, hopes to see the result of the program using the machinery.

"SSF is a flagship program of DTI which turn our manual jobs into mechanized work and eventually improves our business and economic situation. That is our aim in DTI," said Natad.

SSF project is meant to improve MSME competitiveness by providing machinery, equipment, tools, systems, accessories, and other auxiliary items, skills, and knowledge under a shared system.

The launching was attended by Vice Governor Nilo P. Demery, Sangguniang Panlalawigan Board Members Ali Adlawan and Carlos Boa, and Barangay Officials of Plaridel. (DTI-Dinagat Islands/PIA-Dinagat Islands)

Health and wellness ng mga residente tinututukan ng LGU-Rosario, AgSur

By Jennifer P. Gaitano

LUNGSOD NG BUTUAN, Mayo 28 (PIA) - Sa kabila ng kinakaharap ngayon sa COVID-19 pandemic, hindi pa rin tumitigil ang lokal na pamahalaan sa pagbibigay ng programa at serbisyo para sa mga apektadong mamamayan.

Ang health and wellness ang isa sa mga tinututukan ngayon ng local na pamahalaan ng Rosario sa probinsya ng Agusan del Sur para mapanatiling nasa maayos na kondisyon sa pangangatawan ng mga lokal na residente.

Aktibo ang mga kabataan sa mga larong tulad ng darts, mobile legends, billiard, badminton, table tennis, chess, scrabble at word factory. Para naman sa mahilig magbisekleta, may fun ride at mountain bike competition rin na tinawag nilang “Sikad Tu Rosario.”

Ayon kay Alberto Picot, Jr., Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) chair ng Brgy. Poblacion, Rosario, Agusan del Sur, nais nilang ipakita sa mga kapwa kabataan maging sa mga may edad na ang kahalagahan ng malusog na pangangatawan at pagiging aktibo sa sports.

“Isang malaking hamon para sa mga kabataan na maging aktibo pa rin kahit pa man may COVID-19 pandemic. Kailangan nating magkaisa at magtulungan na malampasan ang krisis na ating kinakaharap. Tulungan natin ang ating mga sarili na makagawa pa rin ng mga makabuluhang aktibidad,” ani ni Picot.

Ayon naman kay Joel Bantilan, punong barangay ng Poblacion, suportado nila ang ginagawang Palarong Pambarangay – SK Summer League sa new normal ngayong buwan ng Mayo.

“Ang BLGU-Poblacion ay sumusuporta sa mga aktibidad ng Sk at mga kabataan dito para sa kanilang ikabubuti at ikauunlad,” banggit ni Bantilan.

Sa mga palarong ito, kaagapay din ang iba’t-ibang ahensiya sa pagpapanatili din ng kaayusan at pagpapatupad ng health protocol upang maiwasan pa rin ang pagkalat ng COVID-19.

Ang Poblacion ay isa sa mga barangay sa nasabing bayan na patuloy rin sa pagbibigay ng COVID-19 vaccines sa kanilang mga constituents na kabilang sa eligible priority groups. (JPG/PIA-Agusan del Sur)

'Diabetes and Hypertension Club' gilusad sa lungsod sa Magallanes

DAKBAYAN SA BUTUAN, Mayo 28 -- Padayon ang paghatag og social services ngadto sa tanang diabetic ug hypertensive nga mga senior citizen sa lungsod sa Magallanes, Agusan del Norte pinaagi sa paglusad sa Diabetes and Hypertension Club, sa Sto. Rosario aron makunhoran ang maong sakit sa maong lungsod ingon man sa tibuok probinsya.

Ubay-ubay ka social services nga gihatod sa probinsya sa Agusan del Norte ubos sa Amomang Agusanon sa AGUSAN UP!, ang kampanya sa pagpalambo sa probinsya ilawom sa administrasyon ni Gob. Dale B. Corvera kaabag ang buhatan ni Kongw. Angel Amante-Matba.

Kapin 300 ka membro sa mga senior citizens nga nag edad og 60-89 anyos ang nakadawat sa mga serbisyo sama sa libreng tambal, pagkuha sa blood sugar ug timbang, X-ray ug pagpahigayon og adbokasiya sa Sexually Transmitted Infections-Aids.

Gikatakda usab ilusad ang susamang aktibidad sa uban nga mga munisipyo sa umaabot nga mga buwan sa pagpanguna sa buhatan sa Provincial Hospital kaabag ang AGUSAN UP! Coordinating Center.

Mahinumduman nga gilusad usab ang maong aktibidad sa buwan sa Mayo didto sa Tagcatong, Carmen ug malipayong midawat ang katiguwangan sa mga serbisyo nga napadangat sa probinsya. (Karen Decamotan kauban si Nibika May Calixtro, hulagway kuha ni Nibika ug Jenny Fabian, LGU Agusan del Norte/PIA Agusan del Norte)

5 ka barangay road sa Buenavista gipanganlan

By SVDeligero

DAKBAYAN SA BUTUAN, Mayo 28 -- Gikauyonan ug gi-deklarang balido sa Sangguniang Panlalawigan ang Municipal Ordinance No. 09-2021 gikan sa lungsod sa Buenavista, Agusan del Norte kabahin sa paghatag og pangalan sa Lima niini ka Barangay roads sa Barangay Malpoc.

Ang paghatag og pangalan pagakuhaon sa mga particular nga mga tao diin kini nahisubay sa Barangay Ordinance No. 01-2021. Ang mga mosunod nga lima ka mga barangay roads sa barangay Malpoc, Buenavista ning probinsya pagatawagon sama sa mosunod:

1. Purok 1- ipailalom sa pangalan sa namatay nga si Regino N. Balingit ug tawagon kini nga Regino N. Balingit Street.

2. Purok 2- sa ngalan sa namatay nga si Emeliano R. Asistido ug tawagon kini nga Emeliano R. Asistido Street.

3. Purok 3 - sa ngalan sa namatay nga si Narciso S. Paler ug tawagon usab kini nga Narciso S. Paler Street.

4. Purok 4- ipailalom sa pangalan sa namatay nga si Macario S. Flores ug tawagon na kini nga Macario S. Flores Street.

5. Purok 5 - ipailalom sa pangalan sa namatay nga si Teodoro T. Tabinas g tawagon kini nga Teodoro T.Tabinas Street.

Katuyoan sa maong ordinansa sa barangay nga ibutang ang ngalan sa matag dalan aron sa daling lokasyon ug address niini. Si kinsa mang makita sa pag vandal o pag guba sa signage sa matag dalan sa barangay pagamultahan og Isa ka gatos ug Sengkweta (P150.00) ka pesos alang sa unang opinsa, Duha ka gatos ug Sengkwenta (P250) ka pesos sa ikaduhang paglapas ug Lima ka gatos ka pesos (P500.00) sa ika-tulo ug sunod-sunod nga pag lapas niini.

Sa pag-aproba sa maong ordinansa , awtomatikong gipasa ang kopya niini ngadto sa Philippine Historical Commission kun PHC alang sa kasayuran ug angay nga pagabuhaton sa maong opisina.

Ang pag-aproba giduso pinaagi sa Sanggunian Resolution No. 230-2021 nga gipangamahanan ni Provincial Board Member James T. Reserva tsirman sa Committee on Laws, Ethics and Good Government atol sa ika-90th nga regular sesyon. (LGU Agusan del Norte/PIA Agusan del Norte)

Pinakadaghang mortality tungod sa COVID–19, naitala sa ASTMMC

By Raymond Samson Aplaya

TANDAG CITY, Surigao del Sur, Mayo 27 -- Mitala sa pinakaunang higayon ang Adela Serra Ty Memorial Medical Center (ASTMMC ) og walo (8) ka mortality tungod sa coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) sulod lang sa usa ka adlaw.

Sa pakighinabi, gibutyag ni Dr. Janice Pagaran–Alcordo, Medical Center Chief sa nasangpit nga balay tambalanan, nga naitala kini niadtong Mayo 25, kung diin sa maong numero, pito (7) ka pasyente ang taga–Surigao del Sur ug isa ang taga–Agusan del Sur.

Sumala pa nga tungod sa maong panghitabo, nanghinaot nalang kini nga dili na mutaas pa ang mortality sa COVID–19 sa ilang ospital sa mga musunod nga adlaw labi na nga sa karon, nagpabiling puno kini sa mga COVID-related patient.

Sa karon, ila unang gilikayan ang pagpangdawat og mga referral nga mga pasyente gikan sa laing mga ospital.  Una na nga gibutyag ni Dr. Alcordo nga sa karon, mag–average sila og duha ngadto sa upat ka mortality matag adlaw tungod sa COVID–19.

Subay niini, padayon kining nanawagan ngadto sa publiko nga gikinahanglan gihapon ang pagsunod sa minimum public health and safety protocol bisan paman nga nagpadayon na ang pagpamakuna kontra sa maong sakit. (RP1 Tandag/PIA-Surigao del Sur )

3 ka mga empleyado sa SurSur coop nagpositibo sa COVID-19

By Raymond Samson Aplaya

TANDAG CITY, Surigao del Sur, May 28 -- Gikumpirma ni Esmeraldo Raymundo, Acting Provincial Administrator sa Surigao del Sur, ug kasamtangang Chairperson sa Board sa Surigao del Sur Community Initiative Multi – Purpose Cooperative (SCI-MPC) nga aduna sila’y tulo ka mga empleyado nga nagpositibo sa coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID–19).

Sa pakighinabi, gibutyag niini nga ila kining nasayran human migawas ang resulta sa swab test niadtong milabay’ng adlaw.

Tungod niini, daling gidala sa Quarantine Facility dinhi sa siyudad sa Tandag ang maong mga empleyado dungan sa pagpasirado sa opisina sa ilang Lending ug rason sa temporaryong pagpahunong sa operasyon sa ilang Canteen.

Hinuon giklaro niini nga nagpadayon gihapon ang operasyon sa ilang Lending tungod kay taliwala paman nga nakasirado ang ilang opisina ug naka – Quarantine sa sulod ang ilang mga personahe, padayon gihapon sila nga nagapangdawat og mga aplikasyon alang sa loan gikan sa ilang mga miyembro pinaagi sa gipahimutang nga mga drop box sa gawas nga bahin sa ilang opisina.

Sumala pa nga human maproseso ang aplikasyon alang sa loan, i- diretso na sa pagsulod ngadto sa mga ATM ang loan proceeds sa mga aplikanteng miyembro. (RP1 Tandag/PIA-Surigao del Sur)