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Friday, September 18, 2020

Army-LGU collaboration continues in fight vs insurgency

By 1Lt. Percivl Carido

TALACOGON, Agusan del Sur, Sept. 18 – The municipality of San Luis, Agusan del Sur, together with the Army's 26th Infantry (Ever Onward) Battalion continues its collaboration in fighting insurgency during the conduct of Municipal Peace and Order Council (MPOC) Meeting on September 17, 2020 at the municipal conference room.

To ensure the alignment of efforts between the military and LGU for the past months in ending the local communist armed conflict, both have shared and discussed the actions conducted to fulfill the said endeavor.

According to Charles V. Lim, the Municipal Local Government Operations Officer (MLGOO), the Retooled Community Support Program (RCSP) has focused on giving basic services on Conflict-Affected Areas (ConAAs) and Geographically Isolated barangays in order to counter the issues and propaganda that are being used and uttered by the Communist NPA Terrorists (CNTs) in organizing and recruiting the locals to utilize them on CNT activities.

 "During our immersion, besides on giving basic services to the locals, we also assisted the barangay councils on drafting the Barangay Development Plan of every affected barangay, and we prioritized on depicting their primary concerns on the said plan for endorsement to the national government and fund allotment next year," Lim said.

Likewise,  Municipal Mayor Phoebe L. Corvera, once again embarked on her commitment to support the military especially on providing the essential needs and morale to the troops of 26IB. "As per EO70, we will be your partner on your intensified effort to defeat the communist insurgency in the area. For that, we will also exert more effort in order to address the root cause of insurgency in our municipality in order to pave the way for development especially on far-flung areas," she said.

Relatively, Lt. Col. Reynald Romel A. Goce, commanding officer of 26IB, appreciated the untiring support of LGU San Luis to the unit. He also emphasized the importance of unity among the line agencies in fighting the communist insurgents in the area. "Insurgency is not a mere responsibility of the military. We cannot address the needed programs and projects of the populace in which if not given attention, it will be used by the CNT to undermine the government to the people," he stated.

"With your help, we will continue to put pressure on the CNT because this will entice more surrenders and finally defeat the insurgency problem in our area," added Goce. (CMO, 26IB/PIA-Agusan del Sur)

DA Caraga gears up for a resilient bamboo industry

BUTUAN CITY, Sept. 18 -- Joining the rest of the world in celebrating World Bamboo Day, the Department of Agriculture – Caraga conducted a ceremonial bamboo planting headed by Regional Executive Director Abel James I. Monteagudo, Regional Technical Director Nicandro M. Navia, Jr. and OIC-Regional Technical Director Rebecca R. Atega at the Del Monte Lowland Rainfed Research Station (DMLRRS) on Wednesday, September 16.

The activity is also in accordance with Resolution No.197 of the 18th Congress that declared September as Bamboo Month in the Philippines. The resolution seeks to promote the importance of bamboo in the daily lives of the Filipinos by recognizing its many uses. Further, the resolution also aims to encourage government agencies as well as the Local Government Units to plant bamboo in suitable areas within their jurisdiction.

 The bamboo planting activity is also inline with the pursuit of the Department of Agriculture to promote bamboo and develop the bamboo industry in the country.

In February of this year, DA Secretary William D. Dar declared bamboo as a high-value crop to intensify its promotion. 

In a statement, Secretary Dar said that the DA’s new agri-industrial strategy does not only look at enhancing farm productivity, but also on developing more value-added products to further empower farmers by providing them with more business and employment opportunities, and eventually additional income.

Aside from food products, bamboo is also used for construction, furniture, handicraft industry, fuel, textiles, and the arts

Ecologically, compared to other trees, bamboo absorbs two times more carbon dioxide which is essential for the survival, growth, and reproduction of living things. Bamboo plants also have strong roots which make it quite useful in preventing soil erosion.

In Caraga, aside from the ceremonial planting of bamboo, the DMLRRS is targeting to produce 1,000 pieces of bamboo planting materials that will be distributed to interested farmers.

DMLRRS Officer in Charge Catherine Juyno said that they hope to have the planting materials ready by next month and start the distribution so that more people can plant and Caraga will soon abound with bamboo. (DA Caraga/PIA Caraga)

BioCon: Agriculture’s natural defense

By Kent Warren Fugoso

BUTUAN CITY, Sept. 18 -- Pests can be annoying oftentimes. It destroys the habitat of other organisms as well as its natural resources leading to the destruction of food and shelter to native species in a certain area. However, this can be restricted, through the use of available pest control techniques in different approaches.

With its goal to strengthen the crop protection through biological, ecological, and human resource development approach, the Regional Crop Protection Center (RCPC) established in the year 2015, under the Department of Agriculture – Caraga Integrated Laboratory Division (ILD), in the municipality of Trento, Agusan del Sur, applied a strategy that uses biological pest control technique, which is less costly and cheaper than any methods of Integrated Pest Management to give protection to the crop, safer to the environment,  multiply easily in the soil and leaving no residual problem.

The RCPC prompted this initiative anchoring to its objective which is to develop, promote, and implement sustainable biological control technologies. Generating pest management strategies through the Local Government Units (LGUs) which are adopted directly to the field of every farmer. Also, this serves as a diagnostic clinic for crop pests and disease, giving technical assistance to target farmers.

Science Research Specialist II of RCPC ILD Trento, Maricel Didal, stressed the importance of biological control agents (BCAs) that it must be introduced to the larger scope of farmers in the region as it is considered as the best alternative to pesticides, efficient and safe for human and also its environment, and most especially beneficial action for parasitoid, pathogen, and predators in managing pest and their damage.

“We have four laboratories for the mass production of biological control agents such as Metarhizium anisopliae, Trichogramma sp., Trichoderma sp., and Earwig,” said Didal.

Metarhizium anisopliae is an entomopathogenic fungus that controls the population of Rice black bug (RBB), locust, mosquitoes, soil termites, to name a few. It was reported to infect approximately 200 species of insects and other arthropods. The rate of application of Metarhizium is 50 packs or 200 grams per pack per hectare.

Moreover, Trichogramma sp. is a genus of minute polyphagous wasps that controls the population corn’s most prevalent enemy, the corn borer. The wasp larvae kill pests before they damage plants by consuming their eggs. They are shipped while still parasitized in the host eggs.

Trichoderma sp. is one of the most common fungal antagonists which have a high competitive ability and capacity to produce a broad spectrum of antibiotics. It is also a good source of cellulose, a natural agent that hastens the decomposition of plants and other organic materials. For its application, 30-100 g. diluted to 10 liters of water and drench per tree for moist soil and 30-100 g. diluted to 15L of water and drench per tree for dried soil.

Further, earwig has two cultured species namely Euborellia annulata, a potential predator also of corn borer, and Chelisoches morio, a potential predator of coconut lead beetle and Brontispa longissima. Euborella annulata are elongated and flattened insects with mobile and telescopic abdomen extended in a pair of forceps. Effective in searching prey, climbing the corn plants at night and frequently feeding pray on the proximal part of the leaves. Meanwhile, Chelisoches morio is a wingless organism that has large posterior pincers. Unlike Euborella, Chelisoches are active at all times of the day, running over leaves in search of food.

These four biological control agents are distributed to the different provinces of the region for free to the farmers as facilitated by the Provincial and Municipal LGUs. RCPC also caters walk-in clients and request through formal letter.

“Since 2015, we have been giving free BCAs to multiple recipients already through our partner LGUs. They will be the one to facilitate on giving BCAs to farmer-cooperators or associations,” Didal added.

Reaching a wider scope, RCPC welcome organizations, associations, and farmers who voluntarily go to the Center for training about BCAs, and LGUs who are willing to establish their village level laboratory for faster and bigger mass production of BioCon.

“PLGU Surigao del Sur already created their laboratory situated at the Provincial Agriculture Office. They have been producing since, benefiting their farmers,” Didal said.

Conservation wise, biological control agents are not just mere organisms that exist with no good effect in agriculture, landscapes, and forests however "it tells us otherwise for its cost-effective, self-sustaining technique of managing pests that invade our plants and their natural habitat," she added. Indeed, nature’s gift for defense. (DA13-RAFIS/PIA Caraga)

AgNor makadawat og usa ka milyon gikan sa DOH

By Prisilina P. Amoroso

LUNGSOD NG BUTUAN, Setyembre 18 -- Usa ka kasabotan o Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) ang gitakdang pirmahan ni Gobernador Dale B. Corvera  sa ngalan sa  lalawigan  tali sa Department of Health (DOH), Center for Health Development  Caraga alang sa gihatag niini nga performance-based grant sa kantidad nga usa ka milyon ka pesos ( P1,000,000.00) para sa probinsya  sa Agusan del Norte tungod sa nakab-ot nga kalampusan batok sa sakit nga Malaria.

Mahinumduman nga gisagop sa DOH ang FOURmula One Plus (F1+) ang pagpatuman  sa framework lakip niini ang  inisyatibo  aron mahimong usa  ka disease-free ang usa  ka  lugar nga nagpalig-on sa pagwagtang sa sakit nga Malaria, Lymphatic Filariasis ug Rabies sa piling lugar sa tibook nasud. Ang maong FOURmula gisulong kini ug gipalapdan alang sa pagpatuman sa kahimsog sa panlawas .

Pinauyon sa survey sa pagsusi ug pagtimbang-timbang sa Technical Working Group (TWG) DOH Central Office nahibal-an nga ang probinsya sa Agusan del Norte nakakab-ot sa usa  ka Malaria-free nga probinsya  ug opisyal nga gideklara  sa DOH nga Malaria-free ang lalawigan niadtong Disyembre 6, 2019.

Ang DOH Central Office Manila nagpagawas og Sub-Allotment Advise No. 2020-05-0898, pinitsahan niadtong Mayo 12, 2020 sa kantidad nga Usa  ka Milyon ka Pisos , isip pahalipay tungod sa ilang  pagpaningkamot nga makab-ot ang usa ka Malaria-free nga lalawigan ug ang pondo niini gikuha gikan  sa Public Health Management Budget Line item RA 11465 GAA 2020.

Ang Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) nga gipirmahan ni Gobernor Dale B. Corvera tali sa Department of Health (DOH)  naglangkob kini sa kondisyon ingon man ang kaakohan sa matag partido, aron masiguro nga ang pondo nga gibalhin magamit  sa Provincial Health Office (PHO) sa Agusan del Norte pinauyon sa katuyoan niini.

Sa pagpaningkamot ni Bokal Elizabeth Marie R. Calo gihatagan og otoridad si Gob. Corvera sa Sangguniang Panlalawigan pinaagi sa Sanggunian Resolution No. 381-2020 nga nahitabo niadtong Setyembre 3 niining tuiga atol sa ilang sesyon regular. (LGU Agusan del Norte/PIA Agusan del Norte)

COVID-19 quarantine facility pagatukuron sa probinsya

By Prisilina P. Amoroso

DAKBAYAN SA BUTUAN, Setyembre 21 -- Gihatagan og katungod si Gobernador Dale B. Corvera sa Sangguniang Panlalawigan nga magpirma ug usa ka kasabutan sa ngalan sa Agusan del Norte tali sa Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) aron pag-andam sa konsepto nga plano alang sa tukuron nga quarantine facility sa probinsya.

Ang nahisgutang proyekto sa probinsya agig tubag sa coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) public health crisis nga kasamtangan giatubang karon sa tibook nasud. Tungod niini ang kagamhanan sa Agusan del Norte naghangyo nga matabangan sa DPWH isip maoy engineering ug construction arm, aron matukod ang giingon nga quarantine facility ug ang pondo alang niini nga proyekto ihatag sa DPWH pinaagi sa Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 General Appropriation Act (GAA).

Ang maong kasabotan pirmahan ni Gob. Corvera ug sa DPWH sa ngalan ni District Engineer Edmund V. Opinion, ug ang duha ka partido nagkahiusa ug nagkauyon sa mga kondisyon nga gilatid sa ilalum sa Memorandum of Agreement kun MOA nga nahiuyon sa probisyon sa RA 9184, ang Government Procurement Reform Act.

Matod pa nga ang gobernador sa probinsya adunay otoridad nga pirmahan ang kasabutan uyon sa seksyon 465 (b) (1) (vi) sa Local Government Code of 1991, nga gihatag alang sa episyente, epektibo ug ekonomikanhon nga pagdumala diin ang katuyoan niini mao ang kinatibuk-ang kaayohan sa probinsya ug mga lumulopyo  niini.

Pinaagi sa hiniusang komite nila ni bokal James T. Reserva ug ni Bokal Dick Victor B. Carmona, ang Committee on Laws, Ethics and Good Governance ug ang Committee on Public Works, gihatagan sa Sangguniang Panlalawigan og otoridad si Gob. Corvera, pinasikad sa Sanggunian Resolution No. 379-2020 atol sa ilang ika-56th sesyon regular, via online video teleconference. (LGU Agusan del Norte/PIA Agusan del Norte)

PWDs, pedicab drivers receive aid from PNP

By Jennifer P. Gaitano

BUTUAN CITY, Sept. 18 (PIA) - Amid the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, the Agusan del Sur Police Provincial Office (ADSPPO) continues to extend assistance to various sectors affected by the crisis.

The members of the Agusan Media Club distributed relief goods to the persons with disability (PWDs) and pedicab drivers.

“We are thankful that we were given due attention. Our group is also thankful to the PNP for helping us,” said Arcadio Duero, president of San Francisco Trisikad Association, Inc.

“They intentionally visited us here for the distribution of relief goods. Thank you also to the media,” added Achilles Bayano, PWD from Brgy. Pisaan, San Francisco, Agusan del Sur.

Police Senior Superintendent Ringo Zarzoso said, this has been their regular activity and many are benefiting from the different barangays of the province.

“Life is really hard during this time of the pandemic. It’s a good thing that we are still able to help our fellow. That is part of our program because we all need to help those in need,” bared Zarzoso.

Apart from the distribution of relief goods, the PNP and media also shared ice cream to the children in the area. (JPG/PIA-Agusan del Sur)

AgNor solon House rep to bicam on ALS institutionalization

BUTUAN CITY, Sept. 18 – Representative Lawrence "Law" Fortun of the 1st district of Agusan del Norte was recently designated as House representative to the Bicameral (Bicam) Conference Committee on the institutionalization of the Alternative Learning System (ALS).

The bicam, which is composed of selected legislators from the House of Representatives and the Senate, is tasked to thresh out differing provisions contained in the approved House version, House Bill (HB) No. 6910, and approved Senate version, Senate Bill No. 1365, and come up with a unified version that will be transmitted to the President for approval.

As the principal author of House Bill No. 5145, one of the bills that was consolidated into HB 6910, Rep. Fortun emphasized the importance of institutionalizing the ALS in order to provide a viable option, other than the formal mode of instruction, to a great number of Filipinos that do not have access to formal basic education by reasons of poverty and lack of access to schools.

"The ALS will be among our tools to democratize access to education in order to empower our out-of-school children and youth, indigent adults, indigenous peoples, and other marginalized sectors to become productive partners for nation-building," Rep. Fortun said.

Among the salient provisions of HB 6910 are the strengthening of Non-Formal Education Programs, such as the Basic Literacy Program and Continuing Education Program; creation of the Bureau of Alternative and Lifelong Education under the Department of Education; hiring of ALS teachers; and the establishment of ALS Community Learning Centers in every municipality and city. (Lawig Katawhan/PIA Agusan del Norte)

RTF concurs granular lockdown in Butuan City, OKs Butuan-Cebu flight resumption

By Amethyst Joy A. Galos

BUTUAN CITY, Sept. 18 (PIA) --  The Regional Task Force for COVID-19 One Caraga Shield (RTF-COCS) has approved the request of the city government of Butuan to place its 46 barangays under granular lockdown from September 11 to 25 due to the prevalence of local transmission across the city.

As of September 18, the city now has a total of 492 cases, 318 of which are cases of local transmission.

The implementation of the city’s granular lockdown follows the Zoning Containment Strategy in the localization of the National Action Plan (NAP) against COVID-19 Response. Under the said strategy, areas are classified into four zones based on set parameters: Critical Zone (CrZ), Containment Zone (CZ), Buffer Zone (BZ), and Areas outside Buffer Zones (OBZ). The parameters may be contained in geographical units such as but not limited to houses, residential buildings, business/work establishments, markets, streets, block, puroks, subdivisions/villages, or entire barangays whenever necessary, where the observed cases are clustered.

With this, local government units are able to design and implement interventions that do not cause enormous strain to their local economy and people’s mobility and well-being.

Meanwhile, the task force also gave a go signal for the resumption of limited commercial flights from Butuan City to Cebu City and vice-versa, effective immediately, through Resolution No. 71, series of 2020.

By virtue of the said resolution, airline companies are now allowed flights at the Bancasi Airport once a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is seen to facilitate balancing of the competing demands between local health and economic recovery.

The body also passed Resolution No. 70, Series of 2020, which requires the flight crew of airlines to present medical certificates issued by their respective company physicians as proof of their COVID-19-free status prior to their travel to and from Caraga Region.

To date, Caraga region now has a total of 902 confirmed cases, 396 of which are active, 479 have recovered, and 27 deaths. (NEDA Caraga/DMNR/PIA-Caraga)