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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Butuan dad highlights Balangay Festival celebration, city’s transformation

By Jennifer P. Gaitano

BUTUAN CITY, May 10 (PIA) – “Butuan City is now embarking on a transformation journey. From an old river kingdom, Butuan will ascend towards becoming a great hub city of opportunities for all. We are switching BUTUAN ON.”

This was the statement of Butuan City Mayor Engr. Ronnie Vicente Lagnada during a press conference on 2017 Balangay Festival here.

“We own this transformation journey together. We have a vision, and that vision inspires us to look beyond our horizons. Our Balangay will again travel oceans and high seas. We will be a kingdom unearthed; a city ascending,” added Lagnada.

The good mayor also announced that 'BUTUAN ON' is a movement towards a vision. "Lagsik na Dakbayan (Alive City) is that vision; our end state. BUTUAN ON is the rebirth, rediscovery, and rebuilding of our city towards that vision. My fellow Butuanons, we have big dreams for Butuan. We want it to be a competitive, livable, sustainable, and smart eco city," he added.

Lagnada reiterated that year’s celebration will kick-off Wednesday, May 10 with the conduct of a motorcade at 3:00 p.m. and a grand opening ceremony at 7:00 p.m at the Libertad Sports Complex. “This is one of the most important events as this will showcase performances by top-caliber artists who will perform the journey of Butuan from an ancient and glorious kingdom to where it will be in the future,” he highlighted.

Also, city councilor Cherry Busa, Sanggunaing Panlungsod (SP) committee chair on Tourism bared that the city government ensures active cooperation and participation of all the barangays in the city for this year's monthlong celebration of the Balangay Festival. She also emphasized that Butuan has a brand of being one of the historic lands in the country.

Meanwhile, the 26 candidates of the 2017 Mutya Hong Butuan were introduced to the media and invited the public to witness the event. The said pageant is happening on May 18, 2017 at the Father Saturnino Urios University (FSUU) Gymnasium, this city.

Lagnada further revealed that the 2017 Mutya Hong Butuan aims to gain participation from the 86 barangays, thus, giving them the power to choose andendorse the chosen candidate per barangay and provide the candidates' needs all throughout the pageant.

“As Butuan City aims to soar high, the best lady who wins the pageant will become the brand ambassadress to help in the tourism and investment promotion,” underscored Lagnada. (JPG/Butuan City PIO/PIA-Caraga)

DepEd SurSur launches Oplan Balik Eskwela 2017

By Nida Grace P. Barcena

TANDAG CITY, Surigao del Sur, May 10 (PIA) – The Department of Education (DepEd) Surigao del Sur Schools Division on Tuesday has launched the Oplan Balik Eskwela (OBE) in the city through the conduct of the convergence meeting together with the education stakeholders aimed to safeguard the smooth opening of classes on June.

DepEd Schools Division Superintendent Marilou Dedumo revealed that a total of 380 elementary public schools under the supervision of Surigao del Sur Schools Division are now operating this year because of the opening of the Indigenous People's schools, a slight increase as compared to 360 schools last year.

“No child shall be left behind, we would like to provide basic education regardless of the culture, regardless of the race of the group, everybody has the right to education,” Dedumo stressed.

Meanwhile, the 2017 Brigada Eskwela kick-off program, also known as the National Schools Maintenance Week is set on May 12 at 8:00 a.m. at Tagbina National High School (TNHS), Tagbina, Surigao del Sur. TNHS was the 2016 Brigada Eskwela National Best Implementer-Large School Secondary Category. (PIA-Surigao del Sur)

100 benefit from 'operation tuli' in Butuan City

By Christine Mah

BUTUAN CITY, May 10 (PIA) - A total of 100 boys benefited from the operation tuli (circumcision) conducted recently by the barangay council of Bancasi here in partnership with the 4th Civil Military Operations (CMO) Battalion, Philippine Army at the barangay hall of the said barangay.

Brgy. Captain Fidel G. Cineza, Jr. said the activity is held every year in preparation for their upcoming fiesta.

"The activity is intended only for the residents of Brgy. Bancasi and on first come first served basis," he said.

He also said that free medicines were provided to the beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, CMO commanding offcier Lt. Col. Manuel Valdez IV they have extended manpower assistance to the barangay. "We are glad to be of service to the community," Valdez said.

Families and parents of the children expressed their gratitude to the organizers because of the savings in medical expenses. (PIA-Caraga)

Army nabs NPA leader in Agusan del Sur

PROSPERIDAD, Agusan del Sur, May 10 – A high ranking leader of the New People’s Army (NPA) in the province was arrested by soldiers on Tuesday, May 9, 2017.

According to the report from 401st Brigade, the top NPA leader was identified as Rany Gargar Undayon alias ‘Ian/Abloy’ of Guerilla Front (GF) 19. He was arrested in Purok-1, Barangay Libertad, this town.

‘Ka Ian’ was the commanding officer of Platoon 7 of the NPAs operating in Prosperidad and San Francisco both of Agusan del Sur; Lianga and Barobo of Surigao del Sur. He has four Warrants of Arrest for Murder and Frustrated Murders for crimes committed in the communities.

Major General Benjamin Madrigal of the 4th Infantry Division congratulated the operatives as he exhorted 401st Brigade under Col. Cristobal Zaragoza to continue pursuing relentlessly the NPA bandits.

The arrest of the NPA leader came on the eve of the turn–over of command of the 3rd Special Forces Battalion from LTC Patrick De Villa to LTC Rudy Parallag. (401st Brigade, Phil. Army/PIA-Agusan del Sur)

Feature: Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos: a prescription to good nutrition

By Celina Ann Z. Javier

BUTUAN CITY, May 10 - The Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos (NGF) is a set of dietary guidelines based on the eating pattern, lifestyle, and health status of Filipinos.

The NGF contains all the nutrition messages to healthy living for all age groups from infants to adults, pregnant and lactating women, and the elderly.

The first NGF released in 1990 was composed of five messages called “Dietary Guidelines for Filipinos.”

In 2000, a revised nutritional guidelines composed of ten messages was released and it was called the Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos.

In 2012, the Technical Working Group (TWG) for the revision of the NGF, led by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST) developed a new set of the NGF, based on the 2000 edition.

The 2012 NGF now includes the basis and justification for each of the ten nutritional and health message.

Below are the new messages of the 2012 NGF:

-           Eat a variety of foods everyday to get the nutrients needed by the body.

-           Breastfeed infants exclusively from birth up to six months and then give appropriate complementary foods while continuing breastfeeding for two years and beyond for optimum growth and development.

-           Eat more vegetables and fruits to get the essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber for regulation of body processes.

-           Consume fish, lean meat, poultry, egg, dried beans or nuts daily for growth and repair of body tissues.

-           Consume milk, milk products, and other calcium-rich food such as small fish and shellfish, everyday for healthy bones and teeth.

-           Consume safe foods and water to prevent diarrhea and other food-and water-borne diseases.

-           Use iodized salt to prevent Iodine Deficiency Disorders.

-           Limit intake of salty, fried, fatty, and sugar-rich foods to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

-           Attain normal body weight through proper diet and moderate physical activity to maintain good health and help prevent obesity.

-           Be physically active, make healthy food choices, manage stress, avoid alcoholic beverage, and do not smoke to help prevent lifestyle-related non-communicable disease.

The revisions were made based on the results of the 2008 National Nutrition Survey (NNS) conducted by FNRI-DOST.

Based on the said survey, the Filipino household diet fell below the recommended levels except for niacin, which is above the recommended.

Furthermore, all nutrients and energy were below the 100 percent adequacy levels. This was the basis of NGF messages no. 1, 3, and 4.

There is no single food that contains all the nutrients that our body needs so eating a variety of food ensures that daily nutritional needs are met.

There was also a decrease in consumption of fruits from 77 grams in 205 to 54 grams in 2008 and also a decrease in milk consumption from 44 grams to 42 grams. These results were the basis of message no. 3 and 5, respectively.

Vegetables and fruits are the main sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, while milk is a good source of calcium.

Low urinary iodine excretion is still a prevalent problem among pregnant and lactating mothers, indicating to low iodine intake. Iodine is important during pregnancy because it is needed for the brain development of the infant while lactating mothers must have adequate supply of iodine in their breastmilk. This is the message of NGF no. 7.

The total cholesterol level among Filipino adults increased from 8.5 (mg/dL) in 2003 to 10.2 (mg/dL) in 2008.

High cholesterol level may be attributed to the high consumption of sodium rich foods by Filipinos.

Salt and soy sauce were among the top 10 widely used miscellaneous food items used by Filipinos.

In addition, heart diseases ranked first among the causes of death based on the 2005 Department of Health survey. This is the reason behind no. 8 of NGF.

Excessive intake of salt and soy sauce can result to high blood pressure especially to salt-sensitive individuals. Persistent high blood pressure can result to cardiovascular diseases.

There is also a decreasing trend of physical inactivity among Filipinos and also a large percentage of Filipino smokers at 31.0% and drinkers at 26.9%. These situations were the basis of messages no. 9 and 10 of the NGF.

People are always encouraged to exercise at least thirty minutes a day, three to five times a week.

Limit alcohol drinking to one drink per day for women and two drinks for men is also advised.

One alcoholic drink is equivalent to one and half ounce distilled beverage such as gin or 12 ounces or a bottle of beer or four ounces wine or half glass wine or an ounce of 100 proof whiskey.

Let’s practice the ten nutritional guidelines to achieve good health and optimal nutritional status.

For more information on food and nutrition, contact:  Dr. Mario V. Capanzana, Director, Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology, General Santos Avenue, Bicutan, Taguig City; Tel/Fax Num:  8372934 and 8373164; email: mvc@fnri.dost.gov.ph, mar_v_c@yahoo.com; FNRI-DOST website: http://www.fnri.dost.gov.ph.; FNRI Facebook page: facebook.com/FNRI-DOST; FNRI Twitter account: twitter.com/FNRI-DOST.  (DOST-FNRI S & T Media Service/PIA-Caraga)

News Feature: Go for fruits this summer – they’re cheaper

By Regina M. Pagaspas

Everyone looks forward to the season we all love – summer!  It is a season for rest and recreation.  It is the best time to have fun in the sun, enjoy recreation and sports activities or simply indulge in favorite foods.

Foods that we truly enjoy during summer are the tropical fruits, such as ripe or green mangoes, papaya, chico, pineapple, melon and watermelon, among others.  Fruits should be a regular part of our diet.  Fruits provide vitamins and minerals needed in the improvement of the body’s immune system.  Just like vegetables, fruits also provide dietary fiber that helps regulate bowel movement, thus preventing constipation which is a common problem to some people, particularly among elderly and pregnant women.  They also play a role in the prevention and control of certain diseases like cancer and coronary heart disease.

Fruits have natural unique tastes and sweetness that most people like.  There are many ways by which they can be prepared and truly enjoyed.  Some can be eaten as whole, sliced and used as topping for cakes and pastries, or salads.  Some can be chopped or blended to make refreshing drinks, such as fruit shakes and juices, which can be sources of additional fluids that our body needs during summer.

In these times of economic difficulties, many people have learned to forego things that are not their priorities.  Fruits on the table to some people are luxury.  Despite the delightful taste and the benefits they provide, some people do not avail of fruits because of budget limitations.  Expenses should be prioritized according to needs, and fruits are additional expense, so to speak.

However, there are actually more fruits to enjoy during summer!  Aside from being abundant at this time of year, their prices are relatively cheaper than in any other months.  If we only take advantage of buying and eating fruits during summer, we can also enjoy the health and nutritional benefits of fruits to the maximum!  More importantly, we follow message #3 of the 2012 Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos which recommends eating of more vegetables and fruits everyday to get the essential vitamins, mineral and fiber for regulation of body processes.  So, why not take a double dose of fruit treats this summer?

Here is a delightful and satisfying concoction that will surely be a refreshing treat for everyone!

                                                            Fruit Compote


            2 pcs banana, medium-sized, lacatan, sliced

            2 pcs mangoes, medium-sized kalabaw, ripe, scooped into balls

            2 cups melon, scooped into balls

            2 cups papaya, ripe scooped into balls

            1 cup pineapple, tidbits, slightly boiled in syrup

            2 cups watermelon, scooped into balls

            2 tablespoon calamansi juice

            syrup to cover fruits

            ice cubes


Prepare thick syrup by boiling 1cup sugar and 1 cup water. Cool, set aside.  Mix fruits gently.  Add syrup and ice cubes to chill.  Serve cold.

For more information on food and nutrition, contact:  Dr. Mario V. Capanzana, Director, Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology, General Santos Avenue, Bicutan, Taguig City; Telephone/ Fax Nos: 837-2934 or 837-3164; Direct Line:839-1839; DOST Trunk Line: 837-2071-82 local 2296 or 2284; e-mail: mvc@fnri.dost.gov.ph or at mar_v_c@yahoo.com; FNRI-DOST website: http://www.fnri.dost.gov.ph.  Like our Facebook page at facebook.com/FNRI.DOST or follow our Twitter account at twitter.com/FNRI_DOST. (DOST-FNRI S&T Media Service/PIA-Caraga)

DSWD-Caraga launches Larawan 3.0, compendium of Pantawid Pamilya partner-beneficiaries’ success stories
BUTUAN CITY, May 10 - The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office Caraga officially launched on Wednesday the Larawan 3.0, the official compendium of success stories of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program in the region.

This year’s version highlights the story of the Manobo Tribe in San Miguel, Surigao del Sur, being one of the largest Indigenous Peoples (IP) groups in Caraga. The aforementioned tribe is a partner-beneficiary of the Modified Conditional Cash Transfer for Indigenous People in Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (MCCT-IP in GIDAs).

“For years now, we have been maximizing our convergence strategy to ensure that the level of well-being of all our Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program partner-beneficiaries especially the IP are improved from survival to subsistence and from subsistence to self-sufficiency,” said DSWD Caraga OIC Regional Director Mita Chuchi Gupana-Lim.

“This compendium aims to share a portion of the success that our partner-beneficiaries have earned through the intervention of the program,” added Lim.

In the late part of the Monday convocation for the month of May, the compendium was launched by OIC RD Lim, Assistant Regional Director for Administration Nerisa T. Murih and General Administration and Support Services Division Chief Ramel F. Jamen.

After the launching, copies of compendium will be distributed to the Municipal/City Local Government Unitss, Provincial Local Government Units, partner-agencies and DSWD Field Offices nationwide. (DSWD-Caraga/PIA-Caraga)

Army supports mobile munisipyo 'serbisyo on the go' program in Agusan Sur

PROSPERIDAD, Agusan del Sur, May 10 - The 26th Infantry (Ever Onward) Battalion, Phil. Army continued its active contribution in the community development program thru the conduct of the Mobile Munisipyo “Serbisyo On the Go” Program of the local government unit of Talacogon held in Barangay Batucan, Talacogon, this province.

Said program is an incessant delivery of different basic services targeting the indigent populace in all Barangays in the municipality of Talacogon under the supervision of mayor Jesryl Masendo.

While the local government unit and its agency delivering their services, the 26IB skilled personnel offered free services such as free haircut, reflexology/hilot, provided security and manpower assistance.

Some 700 local populace beneficiaries of said barangay were provided the different services offered by different agencies such as: inquiries and application for Business Licensing; Civil registry; Social Services for senior Citizen and person with disability; Insurance Application for Agusan del Sur Electric Cooperative (ASELCO); Fire safety tips and registration for business establishments by the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP); Appraise and Access real properties from the Accessor’s Office; Civil Registrations and Updates; Agricultural and Veterinary advices.

The municipal nutrition office also offered free Nutritional Feeding while the municipal health office provided free services by conducting “Libreng Tuli” (Circumcision), Medicine distribution, medical check-up and consultation, Schistosomiasis treatment and diagnosis.

Also, the Red Cross team of Caraga joined the activity through facilitating bloodletting activities, blood typing, Hemoglobin determination and blood pressure test.

Meanwhile, 26IB commanding officer Lt Colonel Rommel Pagayon assured the LGU of Talacogon and its people of its advocacy in supporting the LGU community development program in the area of responsibility by providing personnel in the delivery of different basic services.

He also added that this advocacy is also one of 401st Infantry Brigade’s efforts under Colonel Cristobal Zaragoza. Aside from providing security to the people but to offer free services along the whole area of responsibility of said Army brigade. (26IB, Phil. Army/PIA-Agusan del Sur)