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Monday, March 30, 2015

News Feature: DSWD celebrates 2015 'Korambusan,' emphasizes women and men partnership

By Jennifer P. Gaitano

BUTUAN CITY, Mar. 30 (PIA) – “While we continue to empower women in our community, as we always should, it is important to keep in mind and heart that we are not in the competition with men – we are their equals, their counterparts, their partners.”

This was the statement emphasized by regional director Minda Brigoli of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Caraga during its celebration of the 2015 Korambusan and at the same time launching of the department’s Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) Product Catalogue held on Monday at the DSWD’s regional office here.

“This is what behinds our Korambusan celebration, which comes from our dialect that means cooperation and working together for a common objective. We therefore agree that both sexes can work together in ensuring that we both become recipients of development. Both sexes are essential in making this world a better place for all and for the generations to come,” disclosed Brigoli.

The lady director also stressed that more women should be empowered and gender-responsive. “On the quest of having a more gender-responsive community, I would like to remind every woman here, like me, on Maya Angelou’s words and I quote, 'A wise woman wishes to be no one’s enemy; a wise woman refuses to be anyone’s victim,' end of quote. Surely, there is still more to be done to be fully gender-responsive and close the gender inequality gap in four areas, namely: Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Political Empowerment, and Health and Survival. But it is certain as well that, us and the world, have already taken the necessary steps in defying the ordinary,” she said.

Brigoli further expressed that the department believes that Caraga region is a place where woman have all the freedom to be whatever they want and make a difference, just like men do.

“In the spirit of Korambusan, we put this in our hearts that this celebration is our way of reminding ourselves that we are all equal takers of this planet and has the equal rights o facilitate development for each other,” highlighted Brigoli.

This year is the second time that the department has celebrated the Korambusan with various activities for the whole day, which all employees of DSWD-Caraga will enjoy. (JPG/PIA-Caraga)

DAR Surigao Norte turns-over first infra project under BUB fund

By Daryll M. Tumbaga

SURIGAO CITY, Surigao del Norte, Mar. 30 (PIA) – The provincial office of the Department of Agrarian Reform in Surigao del Norte (DAR-SDN) turned over last March 26, 2015 a 90-meter footbridge to the local government unit of Barangay Roxas, Municipality of Mainit.

The said footbridge is DAR-SDN’s first infrastructure project to be turned over coming from its Bottoms-Up Budgeting (BUB) fund worth P500,000.00. Because of the provision of this access road, 35 households especially the students will benefit the most.

The footbridge also provides easier transportation and hauling of agricultural products like rice, coco and vegetables.

Rosemarilyn Ellazo, a day-care worker and a beneficiary, testifies how useful the footbridge is to their day-to-day living.

She said that during rainy seasons, they find it hard to get to the other side because the water in the creek would overflow and it would be very dangerous to cross, especially for the children, because the current was too strong.

Ellazo said that they have to traverse rice paddies just to be on the other side getting dirty and sometimes wet in the process, but now because of the footbridge, their lives are now easier and the children can go to school without having to get wet.

Present during the turn-over were OIC-Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officer (PARPO) I Ma. Elizabeth L. De Guzman, provincial vice governor Arturo Carlos Egay, Jr., municipal mayor Ramon Mondano, and Roxas barangay captain Bebiano Febra.

In his message, vice governor Egay is very thankful to the agency for implementing this kind of project because "it truly gives emphasis and more encouragement to the student-beneficiaries to continue their education."

On his part, mayor Mondano stressed that because of the BUB the people in the grassroots level are being empowered to identify projects that they truly need to improve their quality of life. (SDR/DAR-SDN/PIA-Surigao del Norte)

Feature: Big money from small lands

"I never thought I'd reach this level of being a farmer," says the 2014 Gawad Pitak awardee. "It’s all about hard work," he added.

43 year-old Ruben Ragas of Sanghan, Cabadbaran, Agusan del Norte received two hectares of agricultural land from the government’s land distribution program in 2006. From then, he proved that farming in the Philippines could mean big time.

“It’s about loving the land. Without the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), I may not be able to own a land in my whole life,” says this year’s first runner up of Ulirang Magsasaka of the Landbank’s Gawad Pitak Awards.

Each morning, he wakes up with pride and goes to his farm with confidence, coming from his security of owning the land.

Using integrated diversified farming, Ragas planted the area with vegetables like eggplant, tomatoes, bell pepper, ampalaya and okra and fruits like papaya, banana and mangoes.

“With this alone, I am able to feed my family with healthy foods,” says the proud winner. And the rest goes to the market, he added.

Ragas is a father to five children, and husband to Fe, 39.

To maximize the small area, Ragas also made a medium-sized fishpond whom he initially grow with 10,000 fresh water fishes. “When we don’t have viand, my children can just go to the pond and catch fish, so we can have food in our table,” Ragas revealed.

He also grew animals like goat and poultry like chicken, turkey, ducks and other fowls.

With all his perseverance, Ragas earns monthly the same as a middle manager of a government office. That without him going to office or reporting to a boss.

He proudly narrates that with this earnings, he was able to send all his children to school to provide them better education, feed them well enough and sheltered his family in a bungalow he dreamed all his life.

But he never missed to thank the Department of Agrarian Reform, who made him a more dignified farmer with the land the government program gave him. He also cited various trainings conducted by the agency to help him improve his income and his marketing skills.

“I grow up from a family of lowly farmers, but it's the agency (DAR) who ignites my passion to make my life even better,” says Ragas, “proving a farmer can make big money from small lands”. (DAR-Caraga/PIA-Agusan del Norte)

Feature: Eggs-actly Right for You!

By Celeste C. Tanchoco

Views on the role of eggs in the diet have varied drastically over the years.  Traditionally, eggs were thought of as excellent, low-cost sources of nutrients, and people were encouraged to eat them daily.  In the early 1970s, however, recommendations were made to limit the use of eggs because of their cholesterol content.  People began to think of an egg as merely cholesterol in a shell.

Several clinical and epidemiological studies including a local study done by Tanchoco et al of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), Department of Science and Technology (DOST) show that consuming up to one egg per day does not significantly raise blood cholesterol levels in healthy individuals, and has no detectable effect on heart disease risk in healthy people.  Experts no longer consider it necessary for healthy people to limit their intake of egg yolk to a specified number per week.  However, the American Heart Association still recommends that the intake of dietary cholesterol be limited to an average of no more than 300 mg per day.  An egg a day fits within this limitation only if the individual’s overall diet is otherwise low in cholesterol.  The total diet approach to healthy eating which includes maintenance of desirable body weight, limiting dietary sources of saturated fats and trans-fatty acids is still the way to go.

Eggs are highly nutritious.  The quality and the variety of the nutrients that an egg offers make it a stand out.  Egg white is considered an ideal protein, the one by which all others are compared to for quality. All the important amino acids, the building blocks of body protein, are found in an egg in the right proportions for the body’s needs.  This makes egg protein a great source of nutrition for a growing fetus and growing children as well as on athlete trying to build some muscles or an older person trying to preserve muscle tissue.

As for the fat found in eggs, two-thirds of it is the healthy unsaturated kind, the type of fat that lowers “bad” cholesterol.  There are no trans fats in eggs.  Trans fats are linked to health risks.  Eggs are a significant source of iron, riboflavin, folate and vitamins B12, D, and E.  The iron in egg yolk, like the iron in meat, is highly bioavailable.  Egg yolks may therefore be important for infants who need iron as well as for the anemics.  Iron together with folate and vitamin B12 are important for healthy blood.  Egg is one of the very few foods that supply vitamin D which is important for the bone.  About the only nutrient not found in an egg is vitamin C.

Eggs are one of the best sources of choline.  It is important to have enough choline in the mother’s diet to ensure good brain and memory development for the fetus and nursing new born.  A daily egg as part of balanced diet will provide more than half of the daily choline needs.

Lutein and zeaxanthin are carotenoids present in egg which have put egg in the “functional foods” category.  A functional food is one that provides health benefits beyond its basic nutrient content.  These substances collect in parts of the eye and have been shown to play a role in promoting vision and preventing some common causes of blindness.

For such a nutritious food, egg is a bargain.  Eggs are a readily affordable source of all this goodness.  Indeed, an egg a day is OK!

For more information on food and nutrition, contact:  Dr. Mario V. Capanzana, Director, Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology, General Santos Avenue, Bicutan, Taguig City; Tel/Fax Num:  8372934 and 8373164; email: mvc@fnri.dost.gov.ph, mar_v_c@yahoo.com; FNRI-DOST website: http://www.fnri.dost.gov.ph.; FNRI Facebook page: facebook.com/FNRI-DOST; FNRI Twitter account: twitter.com/FNRI-DOST. (FNRI-DOST S&T Media Service/PIA-Caraga)

Tagalog News: Malakanyang nagpaalala sa mga Pilipino na maging maagap sa panahon ng Semana Santa

AGUSAN DEL SUR, Marso 30 (PIA) - Nagpaalala ang Malakanyang noong Linggo sa mga Pilipino na maging maagap habang mas maraming kababayan ang maglalakbay sa mga probinsya para doon magpalipas ng mahal na araw.

"May we encourage and may we remind our motorists to exhibit safety as they drive. We also would like to remind common carriers of their responsibility to exercise extraordinary diligence in conveying our Filipino passengers to and from their points of destination," sabi ni Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda sa isang panayam sa radio dzRB Radyo ng Bayan.

Nakita ni Lacierda na ang mahal na araw ay panahon ng pagninilay-nilay. Ito ay panahon din ng mga Pilipino na maging malayo sa kanilang trabaho at kasama ang kanilang pamilya sa kanilang mga tahanan sa probinsiya.

Dagdag pa niya na ang mga may kinalamang ahensiya ay nakaalerto para seguruhin ang kaligtasan ng mga maglalakbay.

"So, in all this, may we ask everyone—the Filipino motorists, the Filipino commuters, our respective and appropriate agencies, and all common carriers whether by sea, air, or land—to exhibit and to keep in mind the primacy of safety as we spend this Holy Week with our families," sabi ni Lacierda. (DMS/PIA-Agusan del Sur)

Lathalain: Lamang-ugat at butong gulay, susi sa haba ng buhay

Ni Josefina T. Gonzales

Sa hirap ng buhay ngayon, mahirap magkasakit. Maraming paraan upang maiwasan natin ang sakit. Kailangan lang imulat natin ang ating mga mata at magbasa para sa karagdagang kaalaman. Kasabihan nga: “knowledge is power”.

Alam ba ninyo na marami sa ating mga pagkain ngayon ang may healing powers? Bukod sa madaling matagpuan sa ating paligid, ang mga ito ay mura lamang at kayang- kaya ng ating bulsa.

Tulad nito ay ang mga lamang-ugat, gaya ng ube, gabi, tugi, patatas, kamote at kamoteng kahoy. Kasama pa rin ay ang mga mga butong gulay tulad ng munggo, mani, buto ng sitaw, patani, gisantes, soya beans at marami pang iba.

Alam rin ba ninyo na ang mga lamang-ugat at butong gulay ay mainam na pagkunan ng dietary fiber? Ang dietary fiber ay nakatutulong upang maiwasan ang diabetes mellitus, sakit sa puso at kanser.

Ayon sa pag-aaral na isinagawa ng Food and Nutrition Research Institute ng Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST), ang mga butong gulay at lamang-ugat ay nakatutulong upang mapanatili ang timbang at maiwasan ang diabetes mellitus. Ang viscosity at fibrous structure ng mga lamang-ugat at butong gulay ay nagpapabagal ng pagtunaw at release ng glucose sa ating dugo. Ang prosesong ito ang nagpapanatili ng ating blood glucose sa normal na kalagayan. Dahil din sa mabagal na release ng glucose, ito ay hindi naiimbak sa ating katawan, kung kaya napananatiling normal ang timbang ng isang tao. Dahil din nga sa dami ng dietary fiber ng lamang-ugat at butong gulay, ang mga ito ay madaling makapagpabusog, dahilan upang mas kaunti na lamang ang kainin.

 Ang FNRI-DOST ay nagsagawa rin ng pag-aaral tungkol sa glucose response o glycemic index (GI) ng mga lamang-ugat at butong gulay para sa normal at diabetikong mga tao. Ayon sa resulta ng pag-aaral, ang lamang–ugat at butong gulay ay may mababang GI. Ang mga pagkaing may mababang GI ay mahalaga sa tamang pag-control at management ng diabetes mellitus at napapanatili nito ang normal na timbang ng tao.

Sa paanong paraan naman maiiwasan ang sakit sa puso sa pamamagitan ng pagkain ng lamang-ugat at butong gulay? Dahil sa taglay na dietary fiber, nakatutulong ito upang maiwasan ang re-absorption ng bile acids sa atay. Ang bile acids ay nagiging cholesterol sa atay at napupunta sa dugo kung kaya dumadami ang serum cholesterol. Ito ang dahilan upang ang mga ito ay maging plaques na maaaring bumara sa mga ugat ng katawan.

Ano naman ang posibleng papel na ginagampanan ng mga lamang-ugat at butong gulay upang maiwasan ang kanser? Ang taglay na dietary fiber ng mga lamang-ugat at butong gulay ay nagiging short chain fatty acid (SCFA) sa malaking bituka o colon. Ang SCFA ay humahalo sa mga toxins na nasa colon at ito ay sumasama sa ating dumi. Ang mga toxins kapag hindi naalis sa ating katawan, ay namumuo bilang tumor at nagiging kanser.

Kaya, ano pa ang hinihintay ninyo? Kumain ng mga lamang-ugat at butong gulay araw-araw upang humaba ang buhay.

Para sa karagdagang impormasyon tungkol sa pagkain at nutrisyon, sumulat o tumawag kay Dr. Mario V. Capanzana, Direktor, Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology, Gen. Santos Ave., Bicutan, Taguig City; Tel/Fax Num:  8372934 and 8373164; email: mvc@fnri.dost.gov.ph, mar_v_c@yahoo.com; FNRI-DOST website: http://www.fnri.dost.gov.ph.; FNRI Facebook page: facebook.com/FNRI-DOST; FNRI Twitter account: twitter.com/FNRI-DOST. (FNRI-DOST S&T Media Service/PIA-Caraga)

Cebuano News: AgNor PNC evaluation gisugdan na

Ni Mary Cheryl S. Monoy

BUTUAN CITY, Mar. 30 (PIA) - Gisugdan na sa probinsya sa Agusan del Norte ang Search for the Outstanding Provincial Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Plan Implementation (MELLPI) kaniadtong Marso 24, 2015 sa Barangay La Fraternidad, Poblacion 2 ug Cabayawa, lungsod sa Tubay.

Gipangulohan sa Provincial Social Welfare Population and Nutrition Services Office (PSWPNSO) ug sa Provincial Nutrition Committee (PNC) ang maong ebalwasyon. Maglibot-libot ang PNC sa mga barangay ug munisipyo o syudad sa probinsya aron masuta kung kinsa gayod ang angay'ng makadawat sa maong pasidungog nga ihatag sa bulan sa Hulyo isip mao ang Nutrition Month.

Utingkayon sa PNC ang mga records sa barangay ug munisipyo / syudad mahitungod sa nutrisyon sama sa gihimo nga supplemental feeding, "operation timbang" (OPT), livelihood programs, resolusyon ug mga ordinansa ug uban pa.

Miyembro sa PNC si Board Member Rey G. Jamboy isip tsirman sa Committee on Health and Nutrition, ang opisina sa Provincial Budget Office (PBO), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Department of Education (DepEd), Provincial Health office (PHO), Provincial Agriculturist's Office (PAO), Provincial Veterinary Office (PVET), Provincial Planning and Development office (PPDO), PSWPNSO ug ang Provincial Coordinator sa PNC nga si Ms. Eden A. Amper.

Mahuman ang maong ebalwasyon sa Abril 16, 2015. Maghimo dayon og usa ka deliberasyon ang tanang miyembro sa PNC alang sa pagpili sa modaog. (LGU-Agusan del Norte/PIA-Agusan del Norte)