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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

DTI issues updated SRPs of basic goods

By Rodrigo R. Matabaran

SURIGAO CITY, Surigao del Norte, Mar. 25 (PIA) - The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) head office recently released an updated suggested retail prices (SRPs) of basic goods.

In the city, the updated SRPs are now posted in the following stores: Absolute Essential Traders, Gaisano Capital Surigao, Metro Surigao Shopping Center, Parkway Supermarket, Palma Superstore, TT & Company and UNICITY.

Related to this, in a recent memorandum issued by Consumer Protection Group undersecretary Victorio Mario A. Dimagiba, there will be a price rollback considering a drop in raw material prices of the following products namely: Bear Brand Powdered Milk 150g, Birch Tree Full Cream Milk Powder 150g, and Alaska Powdered Milk Drink.

DTI Surigao del Norte provincial director Celestino L. Negapatan encouraged the public to constantly be informed on consumer related information and developments.

He also expressed his thanks to the concerned retail establishments for their continued support and cooperation in the government efforts to inform the consuming public on the updated SRPs.

Consumers with internet access can look into the updated suggested retail prices which are available on-line at the DTI website:   http://www.dti.gov.ph/dti/index.php/price-watch. (SDR/DTI-Surigao del Norte/PIA-Surigao del Norte)

Feature: Get the best from fresh fruits

By Ma. Susana O. Encarnacion

The scorching heat signals the coming of the summer season.  There are a lot of wonderful things we can indulge ourselves into to lessen the heat.  We can take a plunge in the pool or just relax at home sipping an icy cold glass of our favorite fruit shake or cold water.

But if there’s one good thing about summer, it is the abundance of fresh fruits to really enjoy.  But do you know how to choose the best one among our favorite fruits? In an article published by the “Nutrition Action Health Letter” (Vol. 25, No.4), the following tips are suggested when choosing our favorite fruits:

For apples:   Look for firm and well-colored fruit.  Avoid bruised fruit or one that yields to slight pressure on the skin.  Apples may be refrigerated to prolong freshness.  Apples are said to soften ten times faster at room temperature.

For bananas: Look for bananas which are firm, bright and free of bruises or other injuries. They are best stored at room temperature.

For grapes:   It is best to look for well-colored and plump grapes firmly attached to the stem.  Avoid soft, moldy or wrinkled grapes and those with bleached areas around the stem ends.  Don’t let grapes get wet.  Wash them just before eating.

For guavas:  It is best to look for soft green fruit with a fragrant aroma.  Avoid hard fruit.  Guavas are best ripened at room temperature.  Ripe guavas will keep only for a day or two but the pulp can be frozen.

For oranges: Look for firm, heavy fruits with fresh, bright looking skin that is smooth.  Lightweight oranges are likely to lack flesh and juice.  Very rough skin texture means thick skin and less flesh.  Oranges keep fresh for only one week or two if refrigerated.  They yield the most juice if kept at room temperature.

For papaya:  Look for those with firm and unblemished fruit whose green color is turning yellow.  Avoid those which are solid green or mushy or with bruises. Papayas are best ripened in paper bag at room temperature until softened and golden yellow.

Fruits are best enjoyed when they are eaten at their freshest.  The above tips can be used as our guide in choosing the best for our favorite fruits.  Some fruits like mango, papaya, guavas and citrus are rich sources of vitamin C, which help prevent scurvy.

Likewise, they are very important in increasing resistance to infection and facilitating the absorption of non-heme iron.  Yellow fruits, on the other hand, are beta-carotene- rich and common fruits like bananas, melon and pineapple contribute additional vitamins and minerals which are good for the body.

Fruits like vegetables, provide dietary fiber that aids in regular bowel movement.  Eating fruits alone however, will not provide all the nutrients our bodies need.  The human body needs more than 40 different nutrients for good health.

As suggested in the Handbook of the Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute-Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST), no single food can provide all the nutrients in the amounts needed.  Remember, that the clichΓ©: “eating a balanced diet for good health and nutrition “, still stands.  I guess this is the basis of the old saying: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.  Happy fruit munching!

For more information on food and nutrition, contact:  Dr. Mario V. Capanzana, Director, Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology, General Santos Avenue, Bicutan, Taguig City; Tel/Fax Num:  8372934 and 8373164; email: mvc@fnri.dost.gov.ph, mar_v_c@yahoo.com; FNRI-DOST website: http://www.fnri.dost.gov.ph.; FNRI Facebook page: facebook.com/FNRI-DOST; FNRI Twitter account: twitter.com/FNRI-DOST. (FNRI-DOST S & T Media Service/PIA-Caraga)

Feature: New guide for Pinoy healthy eating out

By Divorah V. Aguila

Tremendous increase in the number of cases of diet and lifestyle-related diseases worldwide has become so evident and alarming due to the inevitable lifestyle changes brought about by the non-stop global and technological advances.  This happens not just in technologically-advanced countries but in developing nations like the Philippines as well.

Thus, more and more Filipinos, young and old alike, have become overweight, hypertensive, and physically inactive.  In response, the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST) is committed to provide Filipino consumers with visual tools to help Filipinos adopt healthy eating habits at meal times by delivering effective dietary and lifestyle messages.

In partnership with the Department of Health (DOH), the FNRI-DOST unveiled a new tool for healthy eating.  Dubbed as “Pinggang Pinoy,” the new tool can be our blueprint for planning a healthy balanced meal.

Pinggang Pinoy should not be mixed up with the existing Daily Nutritional Guide (DNG) Pyramid for Filipinos developed also by the FNRI since they have different purposes.

The “Pinggang Pinoy” can be used side by side with the existing DNG Pyramid for Filipinos.  The latter is a quick and easy guide on how much to eat per mealtime, while the former shows at a glance the whole day recommendation.

Both the “Pinggang Pinoy” and the DNG Pyramid for Filipinos are based on the latest science about how our food, drink, and activity choices affect our health.

Remember: the DNG Pyramid is a simple, trustworthy guide in choosing a healthy diet.  Its foundation is daily exercise and water, since these two elements strongly influence our chances of staying healthy.  The DNG Pyramid builds from the base, showing that we should eat more foods from the bottom part of the pyramid like vegetables, whole grains and less from the top such as red meat, sugar, fats and oils.  When it’s time to eat, most of us use a plate.  So it is just appropriate to use the “Pinggang Pinoy” as a guide for a typical balanced meal.

For more information on food and nutrition, contact:  Dr. Mario V. Capanzana, Director, Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology, General Santos Avenue, Bicutan, Taguig City; Tel/Fax Num:  8372934 and 8373164; email: mvc@fnri.dost.gov.ph, mar_v_c@yahoo.com; FNRI-DOST website: http://www.fnri.dost.gov.ph.; FNRI Facebook page: facebook.com/FNRI-DOST; FNRI Twitter account: twitter.com/FNRI-DOST. (FNRI-DOST S & T Media Service/PIA-Caraga)

Team Capitol benchmarks Thailand's agricultural innovations

By John Glenn A. Platil

SURIGAO CITY, Surigao del Norte, Mar. 25 (PIA) – The team capitol of the province together with Governor Sol Matugas journeyed for an international study and technology workshop and learn the best practices on Effective Micro-organisms Technology at the Kyusei Nature Farming Center in Sarabauri, Thailand from March 15 to 20, this year.

The province of Surigao del Norte officially represents the Philippine Delegation in the prestigious international workshop and study tour which gave more meaning and life on world-class, ultra-modern and state-of-the art agricultural innovations.

This remarkable development harmonized the International Innovative Craft Fair 2015 wherein beautifully grown and uniquely propagated agricultural products were nicely presented and delightfully put together on display.

This would complement with the sincere desire of the lady governor to apply the landmark, historic and life-saving action plans on how to set an example, light the way and make sure that the drinks, fruits, veggies, and food that are being prepared on the table are generally organic.

It can be recalled that Governor Matugas expressed her intent "to replicate the modern techniques and highly developed courses of action" which she gained early on from the Costales Nature Farm in Majayahay, Laguna through the province’s flagship advocacy dubbed “Marajaw Agrikultura and Marajaw Pananom (Good Agriculture and Good Farming).”

The team capitol who joined with the governor were board member Margarito Longos, Provincial Planning Coordinator Ivonnie B. Dumadag, Provincial Agriculturist Rebecca Bagnol, and Dr. Elvira Egay, among others. (SDR/PIC-Surigao del Norte/PIA-Surigao del Norte)

Agnor guv extends P100K assistance to Brgy. Balungagan, Las Nieves

By Aimee B. Sienes

BUTUAN CITY, Mar. 25 (PIA) - A barangay in the municipality of Las Nieves, Agusan del Norte will receive P100,000.00 from Governor Ma. Angelica Rosedell “Angel” M. Amante-Matba as support to its water system.

Gov. Matba recently requested the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) for an authority to transfer the said amount to Barangay Balungagan to purchase one unit Submersible Water Pump for its barangay water system.

This is one of the priority programs of the said barangay that was included in its Annual Investment Plan CY 2015, however, the barangay lacked the necessary funds and requested the lady governor through Barangay Development Council Resolution No. 05, series 2015 that the project be implemented to promote the water system development in the said barangay as well as cater the needs of the constituents for clean water supply.

Through the efforts of Vice Governor Ramon “Rambu” AG. Bungabong, the SP approved the request of the governor and authorized her to transfer the funds from the province’s account to Barangay Balungagan through Sanggunian Resolution No. 074-2015. (LGU-Agusan del Norte/PIA-Agusan del Norte)

NYC, MinDA team up for roll out of Mindanao youth programs

DAVAO CITY, Mar. 25 (PIA) – Signalling the roll out of upcoming programs and projects for Mindanao’s youth, the National Youth Commission (NYC) officially turned over the first edition of the Mindanao Youth Agenda (MYA) to the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) in a ceremony held recently at the Grand Regal Hotel here in this city.

The MYA is the youth component in the Mindanao 2020 Peace and Development Framework, considered as the island-region’s peace and development roadmap covering 2011 to 2030.

“Our role here is to continually push for the best interest of the youth sector and guide them to a direction that will let them discover their potentials and determine their roles in social transformation,” said Secretary Luwalhati Antonino, during the turnover ceremonies of NYC’s Regional Youth Advisory Council Convention.

In May 2012, NYC sealed a partnership with MinDA to take the lead in crafting youth development programs for Mindanao, leading to the creation of the MYA.

Antonino said the Mindanao 2020, calls for the participation of the youth, in their transition towards leadership roles by encouraging their involvement in socioeconomic activities that push for change within and among communities.

"We need our youth to be advocates of Mindanao's tourism, too. They can travel, explore, and immerse themselves in initiatives that promote beautiful Mindanao,” she said.

NYC Commissioner for Mindanao Earl Saavedra said the turning over of the MYA to MinDA will ensure that all identified programs in the document will be institutionalized and implemented gradually.

He added “the MYA will serve as an all-in-one reference document for the youth development initiatives in Mindanao.”

According to Saavedra, incorporating MYA in the overall Mindanao 2020 Framework is an assurance that the young people of Mindanao are involved in the socioeconomic development process, not just as recipients, but as frontrunners for development, and prime movers in nation building.

MinDA and NYC are set to identify priority programs and projects from the MYA document to be implemented, which are all geared towards unleashing the full potentials of the Mindanao youth.

“I commend the LGUs and agencies for the respective youth development programs that you have implemented within your own capacity. With the anticipated roll-out of MYA, we can now harmonize our efforts and initiatives for our youth,” Antonino said.

She also urged the members of the Regional Youth Advisory Council composed of representatives from Mindanao LGUs and regional line agencies to empower the most vulnerable youth sub-sectors and champion their aspirations in attempts to usher inclusive participation towards growth and development.

Carrying the discussions and recommendations from this year’s convention, NYC is set to release the second edition of MYA by the end of the year. (MinDA/PIA-Caraga)

Cebuano News: Mokabat sa 221 ka mga estudyante mi gradwar sa STEP

Ni Mary Jul E. Escalante

SURIGAO CITY, Surigao del Norte, Mar. 25 (PIA) -  Mokabat sa 241 ka mga estudyante migradwar ubos sa Special Training for Employment Program (STEP) sa gipahigayon nga mass graduation niadtong adlawng Lunes, Marso 23, 2015 didto sa Siargao Island, ning lalawigan.

Ang maong STEP program gipasiugdahan kini sa probinsya ubos sa liderato ni Governor Sol F. Matugas uban sa pakigtambayayong sa buhatan sa Technical Education and Skills Training (TESDA) ug sa 1st district congressional office.

Atol sa maong kalihukan gipahigayon usab ang pagpang apod-apod og tool kits/starter kits ngadto sa maong mga migradwar nga mga estudyante.

Malipayon ug mapasalamaton gayod ang mga nakalampos sa training sa nagkadaiyang natad sa pagbansaybansay sama sa Manicure/Pedicure, Cellphone Repair, Food Processing ug uban pa sa ilang nadawat nga starter kit diin kini dako ug ikatabang sa pagsugod sa ilang panginabuhian.

Mitambong sa maong okasyon sila Cong. Francisco Matugas, Gov. Sol Matugas, TESDA Caraga regional director Florencio Jun Sunico, Mayor Yulie Ruaya sa Dapa, Mayor Emmanuel Arcena sa Burgos ug Mayor Lucio Gonzales sa Pilar. (SDR/PIC-Surigao del Norte, PIA-Surigao del Norte)