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Monday, July 21, 2014

EMB underscores info officers’ role in communicating climate change

By Venus L. Garcia

BUTUAN CITY, July 21 (PIA) – Environment and Management Bureau (EMB) assistant director Eva Ocfemia, as represented by EMB-Caraga administrative chief Grace Abella relayed to some 250 participating information officers the value of how they are able to effectively convey what climate change is all about and the mitigation and adaptation actions during the Information Officers’ Summit on Climate Change Advocacy held in this city on Wednesday.

“With the emerging extreme climate events, communicating climate change well with the ultimate aim of changing behavior and lifestyle may mean saving lives, saving properties, and saving economic costs,” emphasized Abella.

She also said that communicating climate change effectively is certainly a great challenge for most people who are not really climate experts and that “there is a need to translate technical terms into simpler words that can easily be understood by the public.”

Abella added that communicating climate change should not be threatening or result in confusion. She said that it should facilitate sound decisions, promote systematic and coordinated actions, and ultimately catalyze behavioral change among the citizenry.

“This is where the crucial role of our information comes in. While we could say that at present we have already reached a significant level of awareness on climate change, there is still a need for a more proactive advocacy and information campaign that would rally be instilled in every person’s heart and mind,” bared Abella.

With the various forms of climate information provided by relevant climate agencies and research institutions covering climate trends and projections per province, assessment of the country’s climate change, regular updates on the weather, and more, the challenge now is how to translate these data and integrate these in plans and programs, said Abella.

“We understand that knowledge and skills will lead us to better and resilient measures in cushioning the impacts of climate change and that is done through an effective communication plan implementation with the support of Philippine Information Agency (PIA) specifically here in Caraga region,” said Abella.

The two-day summit is organized by PIA and DENR-Caraga and sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA), and Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RTWPB). Partners from the private sector such as Mary Kay, PLDT-Philcom and Bayan Telecommunications also contributed to the activity. (VLG/PIA-Caraga)

DENR-13 cites strategies to mitigate effects of climate change

By Jennifer P. Gaitano

BUTUAN CITY, July 21 (PIA) – The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Caraga headed by regional director Nonito Tamayo revealed strategies in mitigating the effects of climate change, during the Regional Information Officers’ Summit on Climate Change advocacy with the theme, “Strengthening Partnership Among Communities for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation,” held on July 16-17, 2014 in one of the local convention centers here.

“The National Greening Program (NGP) is a massive forest rehabilitation program of the government established by virtue of Executive Order No. 26 issued on February 24, 2011 by President Benigno S. Aquino III. It seeks to grow 1.5 billion trees in 1.5 million hectares nationwide within a period of six years, from 2011 to 2016,” bared Eric Herzon Gallego, chief of Regional Public Affairs Office of DENR-Caraga.

Gallego, who represented director Tamayo during the day-2 of the said summit, said that aside from being a reforestation initiative, the NGP is also seen as a climate change mitigation strategy as it seeks to enhance the country’s forest stock to absorb carbon dioxide, which is largely blamed for global warming. It is also designed to reduce poverty, providing alternative livelihood activities for marginalized upland and lowland households relating to seedling production and care and maintenance of newly-planted trees.

“There are actually many ways that we can do to mitigate the effects of climate change. One of which is to travel light. Walk or bike instead of driving a car. Cars and trucks run on fossil fuels, which release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In the United States, automobiles produce over 20 percent of total carbon emissions. Walk or bike and you'll save one pound of carbon for every mile you travel,” relayed Gallego.

Gallego also advised to use compact fluorescent light bulbs. These energy-efficient bulbs help fight climate change because they reduce the amount of fossil fuels that utilities burn. “You will save 100 pounds of carbon for each incandescent bulb that you replace with a compact fluorescent, over the life of the bulb,” he said.

Products made from recycled paper, glass, metal and plastic also reduce carbon emissions because they use less energy to manufacture than products made from completely new materials. For instance, you’ll save two pounds of carbon for every 20 glass bottles that you recycle. Recycling paper also saves trees and lets them continue to reduce climate change naturally as they remain in the forest, where they remove carbon from the atmosphere.

“If you own a car, it will get better gas mileage when the tires are fully inflated, so it will burn less gas and emit less carbon. Check your automobile monthly to ensure that the tires are fully inflated. Follow this tip and save 300 pounds of carbon dioxide for every 10,000 miles you drive,” emphasized Gallego.

Gallego further bared that trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and use it as their energy source, producing oxygen for us to breathe. A tree in the temperate zone found between the tropics and the polar circles can remove and store 700 to 7,000 pounds of carbon over its lifetime. A tree that shades a house can reduce the energy required to run the air conditioner and save an additional 200 to 2,000 pounds of carbon over its lifetime.

“Raise your voices and take the initiative in helping our planet so that the developing countries would be inspired to do their part. Participate in clean up campaigns, food waste reduction initiatives, walk-to-work days, plastic bans, art exhibits, tree-planting drives, concerts, recycling drives, and social media campaigns… Raising our voices is an opportunity for everyone to realize their responsibility to care for the earth and become agents of change. Imagine how viral it could get if we speak up and lead the change that we seek to happen,” stressed Gallego. (JPG/PIA-Caraga)

PNP personnel recognized for bravery, dedication

By Nora L. Molde

BUTUAN CITY, July 21 (PIA) – The Agusan del Norte Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) chaired by governor Ma. Angelica Rosedell M. Amante-Matba on Monday has recognized several PNP personnel for their dedication and bravery to their jobs during the recent attack of the New People's Army (NPA) in the region.

Governor Matba, during the council’s regular meeting, awarded certificates of commendation to the PNP personnel assigned at Kitcharao Municipal Station (MPS) and Jabonga MPS for showing dedication at work in their immediate reinforcement during the attack of the New People's Army (NPA) at Alegria Municipal Police Station in Surigao del Norte on July 10, 2014.

Kitcharao MPS personnel who were recognized include Police Inspector Joepetrus Catubig together with PO3 Rico Armando Macalam Sagusay Jr., PO3 Conrado Mohammad Sanson Jr, PO2 Reinhard Plux Besnar Cafe, PO1 Larry Cago Precioso, and PO1 Jay Arr Manaligod Tapulao.

Personnel from the Jabonga MPS who were awarded with the certificate of commendation include Police Inspector Danilo Salcedo Cabug-os, SPO2 Renato Pendejito, SPO1 Romel Telin Caumpay, PO3 Ronnie Rey Suazol Llagas, PO3 Jimson Siscon Morgado, PO3 Noel Gallara Perang, PO2 Clark Richel Morring Llenares, PO2 Peter Loui Orzales Orquino,  PO2 Jonard Candaroma Requina, and PO1 Lloyd Bryan Salinas Gegone.

Each of the MPS also received a cash amounted to P10,000.00.

Meanwhile, Agusan del Norte Provincial Police Office chief PSSupt Rommel Francisco D Marbil reported during the meeting that their office recorded a significant increase of arrest on illegal activities in the province. "A total of 50 arrest on illegal drugs, 23 on illegal gambling and 19 arrest on illegal logging were recorded for the period of January to June this year," said Marbil.

Also, during the meeting, LTC Ariel Orio, CO of 29IB Philippine Army said that the burning of equipment, harassment of business establishments and police stations are NPA’s tactic of terrorizing not only the populace but also the management of small and large businesses to coerce the people and businessmen to pay or increase the "Revolutionary Tax" collection. (NCLM/PIA-Agusan del Norte)

Info Officers gather for Climate Change advocacy

By Aimee B. Sienes

BUTUAN CITY, July 21 (PIA) - A very successful conduct of the Regional Information Officers’ Summit on Climate Change Advocacy was held in one of the convention centers here on July 16-17.

The said event, with the theme, "Strengthening Partnership Among Communities for Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation," was spearheaded by the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) and Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and participated in by the information officers (IOs) of the different national agencies and local government units (LGUs) in the Caraga Region.

The activity was held to reach out to all IOs in the region what is the current situation now of the planet earth due to climate change and what they can do about it to mitigate, if not prevent, the damages and loss of lives that would happen in cases of calamities. These IOs will relay to the people what is climate change and what are the measures necessary to protect the land, air, trees, forests, oceans, coastal areas, mineral resources, and even the households and offices.

DENR Caraga regional director Nonito Tamayo, in his keynote speech, said that the Regional Summit of the Caraga Information Officers is timely considering that acquiring knowledge and skills in effective information delivery really makes a difference. Tamayo expressed that had there be enough information and education, the damages and loss of life caused by typhoon Yolanda would have been lesser.

The resource speakers shared that there should be environmental awareness among the people, and know the mitigation and adaptation strategies to lessen the effect of climate change. These include tree planting, use of alternative sources of energy such as geothermal energy, solar energy, hydropower energy and wind energy, sustainable consumption and production of goods and services, reduce, recycle, and reuse things, cut costs and utility costs, giving importance to personal and workplace values and practice of 5S, i.e. sort-taking out unnecessary items and dispose, systematize-arrange necessary items in good order, sweep-clean workplace completely, sanitize-maintain high standard of housekeeping, and self-discipline-do things spontaneously without being told or ordered.

A Caraga LaKAsLIKASAN Pledge was signed by the participants for a strong commitment and dedication in information dissemination and protecting the environment.

Climate Change, according to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), is change in the climate attributed directly or indirectly to human activities, in addition to natural climate variability observed, over a comparable time periods. There is change in the climate due to the change in the sun’s output, earth’s orbit, drifting continents, volcanic eruptions and greenhouse gases. (LGU-Agusan del Norte/PIA-Agusan del Norte)

Environment Code of Carmen ok’d

By Aimee B. Sienes

BUTUAN CITY, July 21 (PIA) - The Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Agusan del Norte recently approved the Environment Code of the municipality of Carmen, this province.

Municipal Ordinance No. 01, otherwise known as the Environment Code of Carmen, which was authored by Sangguniang Bayan Member Erma R. Estoque, was passed by the local government of Carmen with the aim of establishing the framework for local government-driven, inter agency and multi-sectoral system of environment management in the municipality.

It is also the aim of the municipal government to enhance the use, development and protection of environment that will promote a sustainable ecological development of the people and the communities, as well as to provide for monitoring and reporting on environmental quality on a regular basis to ensure compliance with environmental laws, rules and regulations.

In its review conducted by the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, chaired by Provincial Board Member Joseph E. Tomaneng, it was found out that the measure has undergone public consultation with the concerned sectors and that it is the policy of the municipal government of Carmen to take on sufficient measure to uphold/protect and preserve its land, mineral, marine, forest and other natural resources and make certain that all rational measures are taken by the municipality and its barangays to care for, bring back and improve the quality of the environment observing the values of sustainable development.

The committee believed that the passing of such legislative measure is in line with Section 447 (a) (i) (vi) of the Local Government Code of 1991, providing that “the Sangguniang Bayan, as the legislative body of the municipality, shall enact ordinances xxx Protect the environment and impose appropriate penalties for acts which endanger the environment…,” thus, pushed for its approval. (LGU-Agusan del Norte/PIA-Agusan del Norte)

Smoking ban starts in SurSur capitol

By Greg Tataro

TANDAG CITY, July 21 (PIA) – The snoomoking ban within the Provincial Capitol Complex has already started to take effect.

Surigao del Sur Governor Johnny Pimentel issued on July 14 Memorandum No. 37-14.

The said memo carries the information regarding “Executive Order No. 08 Series of 2014, providing for the Implementing Rules and Regulations on Ordinance No. 03-2004, Regulating Smoking in Public Places.”

Last week, Gov. Pimentel warned that any area within the capitol complex, including that of the Tanggapan Ng Sangguniang Panlalawigan (TSP), is going to strictly prohibit cigarette smoking, admitting that he was embarrassed on seeing cigarette butts at some nooks and crannies of the capitol building during the conduct of assessment for the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) by the Local Governance Performance Management System (LGPMS) team on June 30.

“Capitol Complex includes all building, offices, and surroundings owned and controlled by the provincial government,” the memo defined.

With the strict implementation of said ban, the “upkeep” of the entire capitol complex is not only maintained from cigarette butts’ litters, but healthy lifestyle is likewise simultaneously promoted, the governor indicated. (NGBT/Radyo ng Bayan/PIA-Surigao del Sur)

DTI releases fund to Surigao Norte town for Seaweeds Processing Project

By Rodrigo R. Matabaran

SURIGAO DEL NORTE, July 21 (PIA) - The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Surigao del Norte Provincial Office released recently the fund amounting to P500,000.00 under the Bottom Up Budgeting (BUB) Program to the local government unit of Tagana-an, this province.

The fund was intended for the establishment of a Seaweeds Processing Project that will be operated by the Tagana-an Federated Women’s Organization.

The said project intended to process seaweeds into various product forms such as pickles, salads and other seaweeds fortified food items and it is expected that with the expected operation of the project in the locality, a number of growers will have additional and ready local market for their product that will also possibly reduce their marketing cost.

Seaweed is one of the products of the municipality with a number of fishermen in the island and coastal barangays engage in seaweeds farming.  At present they are selling their product in the form of fresh seaweeds to the local wet market in Surigao City and neighboring municipalities as well as dried seaweeds to marine product traders.

In his message, Tagana-an mayor Cesar E. Diaz encouraged the proponent women’s group to properly manage their project and hopeful that Tagana-an will have new products that will be acceptable and can penetrate the local market in the future.

Diaz received the check in behalf of the local government from DTI Surigao del Norte provincial director Celestino Negapatan in simple turn-over ceremony held at the Tagana-an Municipal Hall. (SDR/DTI-Surigao del Norte/PIA-Surigao del Norte)

Aussie dignitaries visit DFAT project in AgSur

By Eunice G. Montaos

AGUSAN DEL SUR, July 21 (PIA) - The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Caraga has facilitated recently the high-level visit in Sibagat, Agusan del Sur of some Australian Government Representatives in the persons of Assistant Secretary for Southeast Asia Maritime Division Allaster Cox of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), and His Excellency Bill Tweddell, Australia’s Ambassador to the Philippines.

According to Ambassador Tweddell, the purpose of their visit is to learn more about Australia’s support to the Province of Agusan del Sur and the site visit in El Rio was the first leg of their whole trip. “We want to look at the completed classrooms and interact with the community beneficiaries,” he said.

The community volunteers in Sibagat showcased a completed school building with two classrooms in Barangay El Rio. This sub-project was funded by the previous grant from the Australian Aid for Development (AusAid), now DFAT, coursed through the KALAHI CIDSS- National Community-Driven Development Program (KC-NCDDP) of DSWD.

The high-level visitors, escorted by Philippines-Australia Community Assistance Program (PACAP) Counselor Geoff King, Governance Adviser Paul Hutchcroft, Human Resource and Organizational Development Facility (HROF) Portfolio Manager Erika Geronimo, and DFAT Senior Program Officer Rosela Agcaoili, inspected the classrooms and checked the facilities inside including the arm chairs, the comfort rooms, and others.

“I am really impressed with the completed classrooms; the grant was apparently judiciously managed by the community volunteers,” Twedell added.

“The visit was very enriching and we are very thankful for the DSWD, the local authorities, and the community residents for the wonderful partnership,” quipped Assistant Secretary Cox.

DSWD Caraga regional director Minda Brigoli briefed the visitors and the participants on the accomplishment of the Field Office for the Aussie-funded project implementation. “In the region, about 68 sub-projects comprised of 18 day care centers and 50 school buildings (91 classrooms) worth P 88.44 M, from the P 72.74 M AusAID grant and P 15.70 local counterpart contribution (LCC), were implemented through the funding support of Australia,” she shared.

“The site visit of our high-level visitors who are also our development partners affirms the thrust towards convergence as the beneficiaries of the school building construction are also Conditional Cash transfer (CCT) beneficiaries,” said Brigoli.

Mayor Thelma Lamanilao expressed her thanks to the Australian government for trusting their municipality and giving the grant for the construction of the classrooms which were now utilized by grade 2 and 3 pupils. “The sub-project is indeed the basic social service greatly needed by the residents in El Rio as this will provide an avenue of learning for their children,” she quipped.

The key Regional Program Management Office (RPMO) staff, led by regional program manager and assistant regional director for Operations Mita Lim, were also in full-force in facilitating the said visit.

During the dialogue with the community volunteers, local government unit (LGU) officials, and the RPMO workers, Allaster Cox asked the volunteers about the plans for the sustainability of the projects.

“The community organized an operation and maintenance group who are responsible in sustaining the sub-project. The parents and the organization agreed that they will require a collection of 2 pesos per household which will be used for minor repairs of the school building,” answered Dolores Padin, Barangay Sub-Project Management Committee (BSPMC) chairperson.

Another AUD 12 M grant was provided by the Australian government to the country. This grant shall be used for the construction of day care centers and school buildings thru the KC-NCDDP community-driven development approach. (Social Marketing Unit/DSWD-13/PIA-Caraga)

Lathalain: Pagkaing go, grow, glow araw-araw ang susi sa wastong nutrisyon

By Josefina T. Gonzales

MANILA, Hulyo 21 (PIA) - Alam nyo ba na kailangan nating kumain ng mahigit na apatnapung (40) ibat-ibang uri ng nutrients o sustansya  araw-araw?

Ayon sa bagong Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos (NGF) walang iisang pagkain lamang ang pwedeng magbigay ng lahat ng sustansiya na kailangan ng ating katawan.

Ang NGF ay binalangkas ng mga dalubhasa sa pangunguna ng Food and Nutrition Research Institute ng Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST),

Ang pagkain ng iba’t-ibang uri ng pagkain na galing sa tatlong pangkat ng pagkain ay sapat na upang matugunan ang pangangailangan natin, siguraduhin din na ito ay kinakain sa tamang dami.

Ang go foods ay ang mga pagkain na nagbibigay sa atin ng enerhiya. Ang mga lamang-ugat tulad ng kamote, gabi, kamoteng kahoy, ube na sagana sa enerhiya ay mayaman sa fiber at antioxidant. Ang mais, kutsinta, suman at iba pang kakanin ay mainam na gawing meryenda.

Ang grow foods naman ay mga pagkaing mayaman sa protina tulad ng karne, isda, itlog at mga butong gulay tulad ng mongo, kadyos at buto ng sitaw. Ganon din ang mga mani at iba pang kauri nito. Ang protina ang taga-pagbuo ng ating mga himaymay o body tissues.

Ang glow foods naman na kinabibilangan ng mga prutas at gulay tulad ng berde, dilaw at madahong gulay ay mayaman sa bitamina at minerals. Ito ay kailangan ng ating katawan upang palakasin ang ating immune system. Napapanatili din nitong maayos ang ating pagdumi at iba pang bodily processes.

Para sa maligaya at mahabang buhay, mag go, grow at glow foods na tayo.

Para sa karagdagang impormasyon tungkol sa pagkain at nutrisyon, sumulat o tumawag kay Director Mario V. Capanzana, Director ng Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology, General Santos Avenue, Bicutan, Taguig City, Telepono at Fax no. 8372934,8373164,8372071 loc.2287; email: mar_v_c@yahoo.com, FNRI-DOST website: tp// www.fnri.dost.gov.ph. (FNRI-DOST S&T Media Service/PIA-Caraga)

Tagalog News: Mga nasira ng Bagyong Glenda nagkahalaga ng 7.6 bilyong pesos

Ni David M. Suyao

AGUSAN DEL SUR, Hulyo 21 (PIA) - Ang kabuuang nasira ng bagyong Glenda sa imprastraktura at agrikultura ay umabot sa 7.6 bilyong pesos, ayon sa anunsiyo ng Malakanyang noong Linggo.

Sinabi ni Presidential Communication Operations Office Secretary Herminio Coloma, Jr. sa isang panayam sa pamamagitan ng estasyon ng dzRB Radyo ng Bayan na kasama na ang presyo ng mga nasirang pampublikong gusali, paaralan at agrikultura.

Ayon sa National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), ang bagyong Glenda ay opisyal ng nasa labas ng Philippine Area of Responsibility noong Linggo ng umaga.

Iniulat ni Coloma na ang mga namatay ay umabot sa 94 katao at 317 ang nasugatan.

Sabi niya na ang konsentrasyon ng mga namatay ay matatagpuan sa Rehiyon ng Southern Tagalog na may kabuuang bilang 62 kompirmadong patay: 21 mula sa probinsiya ng Quezon, 17 sa Laguna at 13 sa Batangas.

Samantala, iniulat din ni Coloma na may mga rehiyonding nag-ulat na walang namatay sa kanila.

“Sa mga rehiyon at lugar na direktang tinamaan ng bagyo, ang mga lalawigan ng Albay, Camarines Norte, at Masbate ay walang naiulat na nasawi o nagkaroon sila ng zero casualty. Hinggil diyan, mapapansin din natin na sa buong National Capital Region, natamo rin ang zero casualty sa maraming lungsod,” sabi Coloma.

“Kaya po natin sinasabi itong mga lugar na nakatamo ng zero casualty ay ipinupunto lang os a ang kahalagahan ng maagang preparasyon at ang pagtutok ng mga awtoridad sa pakikipagtulungan ng local government at mga civil society organizations, non-government organizations, at mga mamamayan na napakahalaga os a pagtiyak sa kaligatasan ng buhay ng mga mamamayan,” dagdag ni Coloma. (DMS/PIA-Agusan del Sur)

Tagalog News: Gobyerno ipinatutupad ang sapilitang paglikas para sa mga Pilipino na nasa Gaza Strip

Ni David M. Suyao

AGUSAN DEL SUR, Hulyo 21 (PIA) - Ipinatutupad ngayon ng pamahalaan ng Pilipinas ang sapilitang paglikas ng mga mamamayang Pilipino mula sa Gaza Strip, habang ang tensiyon sa pagitan ng Israel at Hamas ay umiigting, sabi ng isang opisyal ng Palasyo noong Linggo.

Sa isang panayam sa estasyon ng radyo dzRB Radyo ng Bayan, sinabi ni Presidential Communication Operations Office Secretary Herminio Coloma, Jr., na itinaas ng Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) ang babala sa Alert Level IV.

Sa ilalim ng Alert Level IV, naka-epekto na ang sapilitang paglikas ng mga mamamayang Pilipino.

“Ayon sa DFA, ang mga embahada ng Pilipinas sa Cairo, Tel Aviv, at Aman ay handang ilikas at tulungang makauwi sa bansa ang mga Pilipinong nasa Gaza. Ito ay sa pakikipag-ugnayan sa mga awtoridad ng mga bansang Israel, Egypt, Jordan, at United Nations,” sabi Coloma.

Samantala, ang DFA ay nagpalabas din ng Alert Level II o ang tuinatawag na restricted phase sa mga lugar na humigit-kumulang mga 15 kilometro mula sa lugar na pinag-gyerahan. Ang Alert Level I o ang hakbang ng pagbabala ay itinaas sa West Bank at iba pang parte ng Israel.

“Patuloy na tinututukan ng DFA ang mga kaganapan,” dagdag ni Coloma.

Sumali na rin ang Malakanyang sa iba pang bansa na tumatawag ng tigil-putukan sa luga kung saan naglalaban.

“Nakikiisa ang bansa sa mga panawagan ng United Nations hinggil sa tigil putukan at tigil karahasan para huwag nang hantungan pa ng pagbubuwis ng buhay ng mga inosenteng tao,” sabi ni Coloma.

Nasa opensiba ang tropa ng mga Isaraeli laban sa mga militanteng Hamas na siyang naglusand ng mga rocket at walang habas na pinupuntarya ang mga lunsod ng Israel. (DMS/PIA-Agusan del Sur)