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PIA News Service - Friday, January 3, 2014

PIA Caraga personnel enhances journalism skills

By Darryl P. Pinabacdao

BUTUAN CITY, Jan. 3 (PIA) - Preparing for the challenges of the new year and the future, Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Caraga underwent enhancement training on journalism to equip each personnel on new approach and techniques in news and feature story writing.

Agusan del Sur Information center manager David Suyao discussed what must contain in the lead paragraph that will be supported in the support paragraph, the details and the background of the story.  This kind of approach according to Suyao can catch the interest of the reader of what the story is all about.

Suyao stated that the news writing should be done timely and accurately. He said that “to beat the time, a news reporter needs two things- news sense and writing skill.”

On the part of PIA regional director Abner Caga, responsible writing is very important for government communicators. Caga also said that constant writing and reading of news and feature stories will enhance writers’ skills.  (DPP/PIA-Caraga)

PIA-13 personnel enhance skills in Radio Broadcasting

By Jennifer P. Gaitano

BUTUAN CITY, Jan. 3 (PIA) – Personnel of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Caraga region and its Provincial Information Center Managers on Thursday underwent skills enhancement on Radio Broadcasting through actual reporting and hosting.

This is the new initiative introduced by regional director Abner Caga in order to equip all PIA personnel in radio script writing and reporting for effective delivery of relevant information to the public.

According to Director Caga, communication is a very vital part in every aspect of life and business in this world. “Communicating effectively can also empower the community. It is also essential in organizing, unifying and building effective team. Besides, it brings about a healthy relationship with people around,” he added.

Since the agency has its own FM radio station installed right at the regional office, RD Caga believes that PIA personnel must have the capability in radio operations.

Information Center Managers from Agusan del Sur, Surigao del Norte and Surigao del Sur also shared their experiences on the conduct of their respective radio programs in the provinces.

Deputy regional director Fryan Abkilan also reminded the personnel regarding the radio protocol and ethics in broadcasting. He elaborated the “Dos and Don'ts” during the actual board work.

“As broadcasters, we must be accurate, relevant and sincere in what we say. With this, we can expect we will continuously gain their confidence,” Abkilan said.

As its mandate, PIA is committed to provide a national mechanism for the free flow of timely, accurate and relevant information to: enhance people’s capabilities in decision-making and identification of opportunities for growth and development; and promote people’s participation in democratic process. (JPG/PIA-Caraga)   

PIA Caraga conducts advance training on holding presscon

By Susil D. Ragas

BUTUAN CITY, Jan. 3 (PIA) – The Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Caraga Region today conducts advance training on how to hold press conference right at the PIA Regional Office Conference Room, this city.

The training aims to capacitate PIA personnel the skills in handling press conferences that would effectively resolve issues that affects local and national government.

Deputy regional director Fryan Abkilan introduced the new techniques on how to conduct a successful press conference which include planning ahead, share to the group the ideas and the message you want to convey while preparing props like posters, banners and a press kits, organize list of reporters you want to invite, send invitations to chosen media including the topic for discussion.

“As a facilitator of the presscon, early arrival at the venue is a must requirement including giving assistance to speakers and organizing materials for the presscon,” Abkilan said.

The activity is one of the new initiatives of regional director Abner Caga in a bid to consistently enhance personnel’s capabilities as PNoy’s professional communicators, integrators, facilitators, managers, transformational leaders, and enablers and institution-builders in development communication. (SDR/PIA-Surigao del Norte) 

PIA-13 targets newly-elected LGU officials as textblast recipients

By Nida Grace P. Barcena

BUTUAN CITY, Jan. 03 (PIA) - All local government officials including barangay officials in Caraga region will now receive textblast as recipient of the Philippine Information Agency’s (PIA) flagship program, the Textblast.

In a meeting and direction-setting for the year 2014, regional director Abner Caga directed all personnel of PIA-13, specially the Information Center Managers in the provinces to include the newly-elected local government and barangay officials in the list of their recipients.

“Textblast is one of the fastest ways of sending timely, accurate, and relevant information to the people. These officials are the frontliners in the delivery of basic services. Therefore, they must be provided with appropriate information intervention,” Caga said.

For years now, the textblast has been PIA’s primary platform in the fast delivery of vital information, especially in times of calamities and disasters. (NGBT/PIA-Surigao del Sur)

PIA Caraga conducts direction setting, skills enhancement training

By Venus L. Garcia

BUTUAN CITY, Jan. 3 (PIA) – The Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Caraga region set up its direction for 2014 and enhance journalistic skills of all personnel to capacitate them to become more effective and efficient communicators.

The activity includes the presentation of priority programs starting this year as part of PIA Caraga’s plans, programs and action toward improving its existing platforms.

PIA Caraga regional director Abner Caga gave emphasis on expanding the coverage of “textblast” operation through the inclusion of local officials and other local key personalities, head of agencies, and barangay officials as recipients in order for them to directly receive more relevant and updated information at real-time. Caga also emphasized that PIA personnel must utilize the technology that is available such as the different applications suitable for textblast operation.

“We will be expanding our network with people who will help share and deliver the information by tapping the student leaders whom I believe can become information ambassadors. Their active involvement and awareness on current issues will help them in the decision-making, regardless of the capacity of their young minds,” said Caga.

Aside from the several inputs and conceptualization of new system for achieving the agency’s objectives, PIA Caraga has likewise improved the capabilities of its communication frontliners through holding a radio broadcasting workshop.

“While advancing our knowledge in broadcasting, we will also be teaching the same skills to the indigenous media to create empowerment through responsible broadcasting,” Caga added.

The participants were given the opportunity to go on-board and report live via PIA’s Power FM during the second day of the training.

Protocols on holding a press conference and related topics on journalism and news writing were also tackled. The senior information officers, David Suyao and Fryan Abkilan, who were tasked as speakers during the sessions have required everyone to present their outputs for critiquing.

The overall conduct of the training has equipped each participant with the appropriate knowledge on communication process. (VLG/PIA-Caraga)

DOST 2013 projects herald more tech-driven Philippines

By Angelica A. de Leon and Alan Taule

MANILA, Jan. 3 (PIA) - Breakthroughs and premier events showcasing developments in science and technology were among the country’s achievements in the face of adversity in 2013.

Spearheaded by the Department of Science and Technology in collaboration with other government agencies and institutions, these projects herald bright prospects for the country, with businesses and services more attuned to modern technology and industries vigorously driving the economy forward.

The first of these initiatives was the soft inauguration of the Advanced Device and Materials Testing (ADMATEL) Laboratory, a 24/7 testing facility for the country’s semiconductor and electronics firms.  The year fittingly took off  with this significant event which was held in January at the Industrial Technology Development Institute at the DOST Complex in Taguig.  With ADMATEL, local firms will be able to realize huge savings in their testing and capital expenditures since they no longer have to travel overseas for such high value-adding services. Formal inauguration ceremonies were later held in May with His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino as Guest of Honor.

The following month saw the formal launch of Smarter Philippines in Davao City. Smarter Philippines is DOST’s flagship program for leveraging the vast potential of information and communications technologies toward world-class products, services, and human resources through the following component programs: Smarter Government, Smarter Economy, Smarter Countryside, Smarter Environment, Smarter Living, Smarter Mobility, Smarter People, and Smarter Cities.

The concept of Smarter Philippines actually embraces existing DOST programs.

One of these is the Automated Guideway Transport (AGT) – an alternative elevated transportation system that is automated and driverless.  In April, the President, as well as DOST representatives and other government officials, served as distinguished passengers of the AGT on the occasion of its test run held at UP Diliman.

DOST’s acquisition of the IBM Blue Gene Supercomputer is another initiative reflecting the possibilities of Smarter Philippines. The IBM Blue Gene is capable of performing over a billion calculations per second.  It will serve as platform for select R&D projects focused on reducing poverty, improving government processes, and enabling smarter weather management.  Unveiled in Malacanang last May, Blue Gene is set to enable local scientists to process and gain insights from the unprecedented volume of collected data, benefiting practically every aspect of scientific and technological activity in the country.

Meanwhile, the ratification of Republic Act 10535 or the Philippine Standard Time Act of 2013, as well as the completion of its Implementing Rules and Regulations, is a quantum leap toward standardizing the official time observed throughout the country. Signed into law by the President in May, the Philippine Standard Time (PhST) Act requires businesses, schools, media organizations, and government agencies to follow the time prescribed by PAGASA, the official custodian of PhST.

Moreover, this law lays the legal basis for the observance of the National Time Consciousness Week, which will be celebrated for the first time at the stroke of midnight, New Year’s Day 2014. Just as important, the new law seeks to engender a new generation of Filipinos who value the importance of time and respect punctuality in the conduct of daily activities.
As part of DOST’s contribution to the overall campaign against dengue, the Department partnered with the Department of Health, Department of the Interior and Local Government, and Department of Education for the nationwide rollout of the Mosquito Ovicidal-Larvicidal Trap (O/L trap) kits to schools in time for the opening of schoolyear 2013-2014.

The Department also continued to accord priority attention to disaster risk reduction and mitigation activities efforts down to the local levels. This proactive approach in disaster risk reduction and management, which Pres. Aquino highlighted in his July State of the Nation Address (SONA), is becoming a necessity with extreme weather events happening more frequently and with greater ferocity – from Auring in January to super typhoon Yolanda in November.  Add to this the killer earthquake that rocked parts of Visayas also in November.

Through it all, the DOST, through its agencies PAGASA,  PHIVOLCS, and ICTO, provided excellent technical support and advisory services in support of national efforts spearheaded by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council.

In line with the Aquino Administration’s national development agenda, DOST, for 2014 and beyond, will continue to explore avenues opened by public-private partnerships in order to use science and technology (S&T) to solve pressing national problems, develop and diffuse appropriate technologies to create growth in the countryside, improve industry competitiveness, use S&T to enhance the delivery of government and social services, and build and enhance capacity in emerging technologies such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, and genomics. (S&T Media Service, DOST-STII/PIA-Caraga)

DOH, Surigao City collect 60 bags in bloodletting activity

By Albert L.Lancin

SURIGAO CITY, Jan. 3 (PIA) – The Department of Health (DOH) and the Surigao City Health Office in partnership with the Pacific Cement Corporation (Pacemco) and Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank) have conducted recently a bloodletting activity in their respective establishments.

A total of 60 bags of human blood were collected from 19 Pacemco employees and 41 Metrobank recruited donors who voluntarily donated their blood to save lives.

The activity is in line with the DOH’s thrust of promoting voluntary blood donation and it is a year round program aimed to support continuous blood supply at the Caraga Regional Hospital Blood Bank, this city.

In 2008 up to 2010, Surigao City is one of the best implementor awardee of the National Voluntary Blood Services Program of the Department of Health. (SDR/City Health Office/PIA-Surigao del Norte)

Cebuano News: Gobyerno nagpabilin sa pasalig nga sa pakighisgut sa kalinaw uban ang mga walhong rebelled

Ni Nida Grace P. Barcena

SURIGAO DEL SUR, Enero 3 (PIA) - Ang gobyerno nagpabilin nga abli nga sublion ang diyalogo sa kalinaw uban ang mga walhong insurhente sa pagtoo nga bisan pa luyo sa mga kabilinggan, ang kalinaw magpabilin nga makab-ot, kini ang gibutyag sa opisyal sa palasyo dili pa lang dugay.

Sa usa ka pahimangno uban ang mga media sa Malakanyang, Si Communication Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. miingon nga ang “peace adviser” sa Presidente mipagawas ug pamahayag dili pa lang dugay nga ang gobyerno padayon sa pagpangita ug paage nga makab-ot ang kasabotan tumong ang kalinaw uban ang grupo sa mga komunista.

Ang gobyerno ug ang Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF) wala pa magkauyon sa ubay-ubay nga mga isyu aron maduso ang panaghisgot kabahin sa peace process.

Usa sa mga isyu nga mituhaw mao ang pagbuhi sa kumunistang adbaysir gikan sa pagkabilanggo isip usa ka kondisyon aron masugdan ang diskusyon sa kalinaw.

“Hindi po nawawalan ng pag-asa o ng determinasyon ang ating pamahalaan na malampasan kung ano man ‘yung mga hamon na nagsisilbing balakid dahil isa pa rin po ‘yan sa mga timetable ng ating pamahalaan,” sulti pa ni Coloma.

“Sinisikap po nating maisulong ang kapayapaan hindi lamang doon sa Mindanao kundi sa iba’t iba pang mga larangan at kasama na diyan ‘yung pakikipag-ugnayan o pakikipag-negosasyon sa CPP-NPA-NDF para po maresolba ang matagal nang usapin hinggil diyan.”

Ug kabahin sa bahad nga gipagula sa mga CPP nga pakusgan ang kampanya batok sa mga pasilidad sa gobyerno, si Coloma miingon nga ang military ug ang kapolisan andam sa pagdepensa sa katawhan ug pagmintinar sa kalinaw.

“Siyempre po tutugunan ‘yan ng ating mga security forces and law enforcement authorities sapagkat tungkulin po ng Sandatahang Lakas na ipagtanggol ang ating mga mamamayan at panatilihin ang kaligtasan ng ating mga komunidad,” siya miingon. (PND/PIA-Surigao del Sur)