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PIA News Service - Thursday, May 31, 2012

Environmental bureau confirms more establishments were issued with compliance certificates

By Robert E. Roperos

BUTUAN CITY, May 31 (PIA) -- The Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) recently confirmed that more establishments in the region were able to receive Environmental Compliance Certificates (ECC).

However, EMB Caraga regional director Engr. Esther Olavides said they have also issued notice of violation to some establishments who have violated the conditions specified in the ECC.

According to the Philippine Environmental Impact Statement System, ECC is a certificate of Environmental Compliance Commitment to which the proponent conforms with.

It is a document issued by the DENR-EMB after a positive review of an ECC application, certifying that the proponent has complied with all the requirements of the EIS System and has committed to implement its approved Environmental Management Plan.

The ECC also provides guidance to other agencies and to LGUs on EIA findings and recommendations which need to be considered in their respective decision-making process.

Specifically, ECC contains specific measures and conditions that the project proponent has to undertake before and during the operation of a project, and in some cases, during the project’s abandonment phase to mitigate identified environmental impacts.

In general, the following are salient features of an ECC: 1) Scope of project or undertaking; 2) Conditions conformed with by the Proponent to implement the mitigation measures for potentially negative impacts and/or enhancement measures for potentially positive impacts as identified in the EIA Report; and 3) Suggestions or recommendations to assist LGUs and other agencies of the government to incorporate the EIA Results in their decision-making process. (RER/PIA-Caraga)

PhilHealth-Caraga supports animal bite treatment package

By Robert E. Roperos

BUTUAN CITY, May 31 (PIA) -- The regional office of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) in Caraga strongly supports the animal bite treatment package which was launched recently by the agency’s central office.

Parley Buyan, PhilHealth-Caraga regional information officer, said that under the rabies prevention and control program, they are ready to shoulder medical fees of PhilHealth members who are bitten with animals such as dogs, cats, monkeys, centipedes, and other venomous animals.

Aside from this, Buyan said PhilHealth is more than willing to give anti-rabies vaccine to members in coordination with the Department of Health (DOH).

She added this developed after PhilHealth observed that more members died due to being bitten by venomous animals. With this, she said it’s now high time for PhilHealth to extend assistance to their members.

PhilHealth, through Board Resolution No. 1585, series of 2012, shall provide the animal bite treatment package for all qualified beneficiaries. This benefit package aims to support the National Rabies Prevention and Control Program by defraying the cost of post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) treatment to animal bite patients who are PhilHealth beneficiaries.

Pursuant to Section 38 of Republic Act 7875 and as amended by Republic Act 9241, the corporation shall continuously endeavor to improve the benefit package to meet the need of its members.

In view of Republic Act 9482, otherwise known as the Anti-Rabies Act of 2007, the DOH, through Administrative Order Nos. 2007-0029 and 2009-0027, provided for the revised guidelines on the management of animal bite patients and its amendment. In order to complement this initiative, PhilHealth provided the package.

For the purpose of availing this package, the existing standards for the management of animal bite patients as prescribed by the DOH shall be used as reference for classification and provision of services.

The package is fixed at P3,000 per case and shall cover the cost of providing Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) services. The following are reimbursable PEP service items: 1) Rabies vaccine; 2) Rabies Immune Globulin (RIG); 3) Human Rabies Immune Globulin (HRIG) and; 4) Purified Equine Rabies Immune Globulin (pERIG).

Other PEP service items covered are local wound care, Tetanus toxoid and anti-tetanus serum (ATS), antibiotics, and supplies such as, but not limited to, syringes, cotton, alcohol and other antiseptics.

Aside from dog bites, persons bitten by other domestic animals (cats) and Livestock (cows, pigs, horses, goats) as well as wild animals (bats, monkeys) may be covered.

PhilHealth likewise emphasized that the package does not cover 1) Pre-exposure Prophylaxis, 2) Inpatient cases of animal bites and rabies, which shall be reimbursed through inpatient benefit, 3) Category I rabies exposure and category II exposure not involving the head and neck, 4) Bites by rodents, guinea pigs and rabbits, 5) Management of adverse reactions, and other conditions otherwise not mentioned above.

With these developments, PhilHealth informs its qualified members to get in touch with their nearest regional, city, or provincial offices for more details. In Caraga region, the regional office is located at Lynzee’s Bldg., J. Rosales Avenue, Butuan City with telephone numbers (085) 342-6992, 341-6488, 341-6404. (RER/PIA-Caraga)

DTI to establishments: “Follow suggested retail price”

By Robert E. Roperos

BUTUAN CITY, May 31 (PIA) -- The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) here reminded business establishments to follow the suggested retail price (SRP) given by manufacturers.

According to Win Palma, Consumer Welfare Division Chief of DTI Butuan City-Agusan del Norte, based on the Price Act of the Philippines, specifically the profiteering provision, all prime commodities should be sold in lower price.

The official said should they receive complaints for violations, they will immediately act on it by conducting a thorough investigation.

He added they will immediate release show cause order to determine if the prices given by the said establishments are justifiable or not.

Republic Act No. 7581, also known as the Price Act of the Philippines, provides protection to consumers by stabilizing the prices of basic necessities and prime commodities and by prescribing measures against undue price increases during emergency situations and like occasions.

Under the law, the government is mandated to ensure the availability of basic necessities and prime commodities at reasonable prices at all times without denying legitimate business a fair return on investment.

It is also a declared policy of the State to provide effective and sufficient protection to consumers against hoarding, profiteering and cartels with respect to the supply, distribution, marketing and pricing of said goods, especially during periods of calamity, emergency, widespread illegal price manipulation and other similar situations, it said.

Without prejudice to the provisions of existing laws on goods not covered by this Act, the law pointed out that it shall be unlawful for any person habitually engaged in the production, manufacture, importation, storage, transport, distribution, sale or other methods of disposition of goods to engage in the acts of price manipulation of the price of any basic necessity or prime commodity like hoarding, profiteering, and cartel.

Under the profiteering provision, there shall be prima facie evidence of profiteering whenever a basic necessity or prime commodity being sold such as: (a) has no price tag; (b) is misrepresented as to its weight or measurement; (c) is adulterated or dilluted; or (d) whenever a person raises the price of any basic necessity or prime commodity he sells or offers for sale to the general public by more than 10 percent of its price in the immediately preceding month.

However, the law stipulated that in the case of agricultural crops, fresh fish, fresh marine products, and other seasonal products covered by this Act and as determined by the implementing agency, the prima facie provisions shall not apply. (RER/PIA-Caraga)

NFA hands over organic fertilizers

By Jennifer P. Gaitano

BUTUAN CITY, May 31 (PIA) -– To address the increasing cost of synthetic fertilizers and its effect, the National Food Authority (NFA) through Administrator Lito Banayo on Thursday distributed organic bio-fertilizers to rice farmer-beneficiaries of the different barangays, held at the Libertad National High School Covered Court here.

Farmer-beneficiaries from the barangays of Dumalagan, Pinamanculan, Kinamlutan, Bancasi, San Vicente, Bit-os, Villa Kanangga, Bonbon, Doongan, Ambago, Bayanihan, Nongnong, and Bitan-agan, received the “Nitro-Fix” organic bio-fertilizers.

According to Banayo, farming is very important in the country. Organic farming is also one of the priority programs of Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III.

"This is why we should take good care of our farm land. We encourage our farmers to do organic farming," Banayo stressed.

Banayo also emphasized that with the use of organic fertilizers, farmers would be able to save its cost compared to the synthetic ones.

"As the prices of gasoline increase, prices of synthetic fertilizers also increase and it affects our farming," he said.

Aside from the distribution of bio-fertilizers to rice farmer beneficiaries, participating farmers also raised their issues and concerns related to farming to Administrator Banayo, with officials from the National Irrigation Authority (NIA) Caraga, and Suma Biotechnologies Incorporated.

On June 1 Banayo will also grace the distribution of bio-fertilizers to rice farmer-beneficiaries from the barangays of Baobaoan, Taguibo, Sumilihon, Ampayon, Antongalon, Baan, Banza, Mahogany, Maug, Bobon, Cabcabon, and Tiniwisan. This will be held at Brgy. Los Angeles in the morning, and Brgy. Sto. Niño in the afternoon, this city.

On June 6 Banayo will again be handing over organic bio-fertilizers to farmer-beneficiaries in the barangays of Aupagan, Mahay, Salvacion, Pigdaulan, Camayahan, Buhangin, Taligaman, Basag, and Lemon, and the distribution will be held in Brgy. Tagabaca, here.

Meanwhile, Vincent Rosario, Libertad Brgy. Captain thanked Banayo for his efforts in conducting the distribution of organic bio-fertilizers to farmer beneficiaries from the different barangays of this city.

“This will surely help our farmers to improve their farming system and will increase their profits due to good harvest and quality production of rice,” said Rosario.

This activity is also in support to the Philippine Millennium Development Goal No. 7 which is Ensure Environmental Sustainability. (RER/JPG/PIA-Caraga)

Butuan City welcomes renowned real estate developer

By Maria Luisa Dianah Z. Generalao

BUTUAN CITY, May 31 (PIA) -- The city opened its doors for renowned real estate developer A. Brown Company, Inc. in a capsule laying/ground-breaking ceremony held May 25, 2012 at Brgy. Bonbon, this city.

A. Brown Company, Inc. pres. Robertino Pizarro said Butuan City is their latest addition for low-cost housing project venues, ensuring the city’s continuing progress with this multi-million venture.

In his statement, Butuan city Mayor Ferdinand M. Amante, Jr. said that this is one of the biggest investments the city has ever had in the recent years and that entry of investors like A. Brown Company, Inc. only proves that they believe enough in this administration to entrust their business ventures into this city.

A. Brown Company, Inc. is the real estate conglomerate well-known for Xavier Estates, Teakwood Hills, and Mountain Pines Farm. A residential community and golf course will rise on the 56-hectare lot situated in Brgy. Bonbon.

The ceremony was attended by A. Brown Company, Inc. officers, real estate brokers, LGU employees, Jaime Cembrano, Ryan Culima and Mayor Ferdinand M. Amante, Jr. (RER/NCLM/LGU-BC/PIA-Caraga)

Academe urged to address Mindanao’s critical research needs

DAVAO CITY, May 31 (PIA) -- A consortium of local academicians and scholars is urged to take on the role of a think tank that will help steer Mindanao’s journey to holistic development.

Sixteen members of the Mindanao Studies Consortium Foundation Inc. (MSCFI) were exhorted by the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) to venture out of their institutions and build their mark in research and policy studies in the region.

“Issues in Mindanao are integrated and call for integrated solutions that require lenses from different skills and expertise. Being an institution of thinkers, planners, experts, and social architects, MSCFI can take the lead,” MinDA Executive Director Janet Lopoz said in a message delivered for MinDA chair Sec. Luwalhati Antonino.

The Foundation is a clearinghouse of ideas, resources, programs, and projects that help mitigate peace and development issues in Mindanao through scientific and empirical researches that help define and support the region’s development needs.

Lopoz said development, industries, and social structures are evolving fast, and Foundation members must determine if they will remain within the walls of their individual institutions and research centers, or “come out and leave a legacy in Mindanao’s history.”

“We need to strengthen alliances, expand membership, and create networks and communities, so opportunities for engagement can be expanded, and knowledge is brought to critical industry players, decision-makers, and policy-makers,” she added.

Lopoz made the call during a strategic planning session facilitated by MinDA to help the consortium strengthen its capacities as it gears to expand its membership and evolve into the Mindanao Knowledge, Research and Policy Center (MKRPC).

The Center will become the repository of knowledge on Mindanao and shall take the lead in coordinating, facilitating, and disseminating researches, bridging theory to practice in the pursuit of peace and development initiatives.

It is also envisioned to help higher education institutions produce more scientists and give attention to social and political sciences that can help address complex social and political issues in Mindanao.

The planning activity was intended to come up with an enhanced research framework and harmonized Mindanao Research Agenda in relation to the region’s blueprint for development called Mindanao 2020, A Peace and Development Framework Plan for Mindanao.

Dr. Ciel Habito of Brain Trust Inc., in his message to the consortium, revealed that in the crafting of the Mindanao 2020, his team saw gaps in defining the knowledge base to support its thematic areas. He said this boils down to the need for a research agenda that will later on cluster into research studies.

“What we need is practical research that can be useful and contribute to actual reforms, such as identifying lack of infrastructure to unleash a lot of economic activities,” Habito said.

He expressed hope for BTI and MSCFI to work together for possible expansion, networking, and strengthening of both institutions in order to respond better to the needs of Mindanao.

Prof. Ricardo de Ungria, MSCFI Chairperson, closed the activity with a rallying call to its members to renew their commitment to the consortium and tackle the challenges ahead. (NCLM/MinDA/PIA-Caraga)

Butuan City local gov't continues to build more projects

By Maria Luisa Dianah Z. Generalao

BUTUAN CITY, May 31 (PIA) -- The people of Butuan City can expect more infrastructure projects rising in the city in the months ahead.

Among the projects lined up are: Butuan City Sanitary Landfill, Brgy. Dumalagan; Estipona Road with Drainage, Barangay Libertad 4th St. Guingona Subdivision to Montalban St. Road; Montilla St. to Ambago Barangay Hall Road; and the BAC Multi-Purpose Hall Warehouse, Motor Pool.

Other projects for development are: DepEd Library Hub, Brgy. Ampayon; Farm to Market Rd., Brgy. Bitan-agan; Hydraulic Ram Pump, Brgy. San Mateo, Florida, Maguinda, Aupagan, Camayahan, and Dankias; Phase 1 Rehabilitation/Construction of Rizal Park; Rehabilitation/Construction of Sitio Sta. Cruz-Nueva Estrilla to Salvacion Rd., Brgy. Manila de Bugabus; Farm to Market Rd. Rehabilitation, Brgy. Salvacion; Taligaman Communal Irrigation Project Rehabilitation, Brgy. Taligaman; Rd. Concreting, Brgy. Pinamanculan; Rd. Concreting, Brgy. Tiniwisan; Drinking Water Rehabilitation, Brgy. Bilay; Butuan City Sanitary Landfill Construction (Extra Works), Brgy. Dumalagan; and Stage Construction, P-2A Brgy. Libertad.

Along with these developments, Mayor Ferdinand M. Amante, Jr anticipates the coming of more investors and the opening of more employment opportunities for the residents of the city. He hopes to strengthen his advocacy for a changed Butuan. (RER/NCLM/LGU BC/PIA-Caraga)

Tagalog news: Senior citizens makakatanggap ng pension ngayong Hunyo

Ni Danilo S. Makiling

BUTUAN CITY, Mayo 31 (PIA) -– Matatanggap na ng mga mahihirap na senior citizens ng Caraga region ang subsidiya ng kanilang pension sa second quarter ngayong Hunyo.

Ito'y matapos sabihin ni Jane Amil, hepe ng Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) –Caraga Social Pension Unit, na ang pamahalaang nasyonal ay naghahanda na para ipamigay sa 1,993 na senior citizens na benepisyaryo sa rehiyon ang kanilang second quarter na pension.

Sinabi ng opisyal na sa 1,993 na benepisaryo, 85 ang galing sa munisipalidad ng Remedios T. Romualdez (RTR), 102 sa Santiago, 110 sa Tubay, 98 naman sa Kitcharao, lahat ay galing sa probinsya ng Agusan del Norte.

Ang mga benepisyaryo na galing sa probinsya ng Surigao del Norte ay mayroong 97 na galing sa munisipalidad ng Alegria at 122 naman galing sa Tubod.

Sa Agusan del Sur, 153 na mga benepisyaryo galing sa Sibagat, 213 ang galing sa Esperanza, 190 sa San Francisco, 372 sa Prosperidad, 132 sa Rosario, at 319 naman ang galing sa Bayugan City ang makakatanggap ng pension subsiby.

Ang nasyonal na pamahalaan naman ay naglabas ng P2,989,500 para sa rehiyon ng Caraga.

Base sa article five, paragraph six ng Republic Act 9257, ang pamahalaan ay direktang magbibigay ng subsidy at social pension para sa lahat ng mga indigent senior citizens ng bansa.

Sinabi ni Amil na ang mga kwalipikadong benepisyaryo ay ang mga senior citizens na may edad 77 pataas, at hindi tumatanggap ng kahit anong pondo na galing sa mga institusyon ng gobyerno. Dapat ay hindi rin sila regular na tumatanggap ng kahit anong pinansyal na suporta na galing sa kanilang pamilya, anak at mga kapamilya.

Ang mga kwalipikadong mahihirap senior citizens ay makakakuha ng P500 kada buwan at maaari nilang makuha quarterly sa kanilang mga probinsyal na tanggapan ng DSWD. (RER/PIA-Caraga)

Tagalog news: POPCOM, DOH tinutulak ang right family planning method

Ni Danilo S. Makiling

BUTUAN CITY, Mayo 31 (PIA) -- Itinutulak ng tanggapan ng Commission on Population (POPCOM), sa pakikipagtulungan ng Department of Health (DOH) sa Caraga ang tamang paggamit ng family planning method.

Ayon kay Alex Makinano, POPCOM-Caraga Technical Service Division chief, napagkasunduan nila ng DOH na hatiin ang pagsasagawa sa mga estratehiya upang ang mga mag-asawa ay gumamit ng tamang family planning method.

Sinabi rin ni Makinano na ang demand generation drive ay nagtuturo sa mga kababaihan kung paano gagawin ang natural o kahit ang artipisyal na family planning method.

Idinagdag niya na ang ibang estratehiya na naipapakilala ay ang pagbibigay ng tamang serbisyo sa family planning, sa pamamagitan ng family planning supplies and logistics ng DOH na inaasahan na maisasakatuparan bago pa man matapos ang taong kasalukuyan.

Sinabi rin ng opisyal na base sa survey, higit 23,000 na kababaihan dito sa rehiyon na may gulang na 15-49 years old ay nagpaplanong hindi na magbuntis o hindi na mabuntis ulit sa tamang panahon matapos manganak, subalit ang mga ito ay hindi gumagamit ng family planning method.

“Kaya, walang kasiguruhan kung makakamit nila ang kanilang plano,” aniya.

Dahil dito, sinabi ni Makinano na ang POPCOM ay kaagapay ng DOH pati ng ibang ahensya ng gobyerno na tumutulong na kilalanin ang mga kababaihang bibigyan nila ng kaukulang pagsasanay kung saan ang estratehiya sa family planning ay maipakikilala at inaasahan na maisagawa ang tamang family planning method.

Kung ang kaalamang ito ay masasalin, ang mga mag-asawa ay madali nang makapag- family planning na may kasiguruhan na magkakaroon ng maayos na kalusugan ang pamilya.

Ang hakbang ng POPCOM at DOH regional offices ay para ipakilala ang healthy lifestyle kung saan ang gobyerno ay pino-promote din ang family planning lalo na dito sa rehiyon ng Caraga kung saan ay tumataas taun-taon ang bilang ng populasyon.

Ayon sa report ng NSO-Caraga, nagpapakita ng pagtaas ng 1.49 porsyento kada taon simula sa taon ng 2000-2010 ang populasyon sa rehiyon. Base sa 2010 na census ng populasyon at kabahayan, ang kabuuang populasyon sa Caraga simula noong Mayo 1, 2010 ay 2,429,224, kung saan ay mas mataas ng 333,857 kumpara sa taong 2000 na ang populasyon ay 2,095,367. Sa taong 1990 naman ang total na populasyon ay 1,764,297.

Sa lahat ng mga probinsya sa rehiyon, ang Agusan del Sur ang may pinakamataas na populasyon na umabot sa 656,418. Ito's sinundan ng Surigao del Sur na may 561,219 at ang Surigao del Norte naman ang pangatlo na mayroong 442,588 bilang ng tao. (RER/PIA-Caraga)

Tagalog news: Agusan del Sur magsasagawa ng survey para sa CBMS

By David M. Suyao

AGUSAN DEL SUR, Mayo 31 (PIA) -- Sinimulan ng provincial government ng Agusan del Sur sa buwang ito ng Mayo ang pagbibigay impormasyon at kampanya para sa gagawing aktuwal na survey upang masiguro na napapanahon at tama ang datos ng Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS) ng buong lalawigan.

Ayon sa isang miyembro ng Sangguniang Panlalawigan at chairman ng komite ng kalakalan na si Allan Santiago, ang tanggapan ng pagplano at pag-unlad ng lalawigan na pinangungunahan ni Deanna Fudalan ay nagsimula na ng pagbigay impormasyon at kampanya sa mga pamayanan upang makuha ang kooperasyon ng mga tao sa panahon ng aktuwal na survey.

“Ang tanggapan na panlalawigang pagpaplano at pag-unlad ay bumuo na ng koponan upang magbigay ng impormasyon at kampanya gamit ang mga estudyanteng kasali sa special privilege for the employment of students at mga iskolar ng pamahalaang panlalawigan upang masanay ang mga tao sa mga magiging tanong na ipapataw ng mga enumerators at mabago ang kanilang ugali at pananaw sa pagsagot ng mga tanong pagdating ng aktuwal na survey,” sabi pa ni Santiago.

Sinabi rin ni Santiago na maraming mga katanungan ang idinagdag at ilan din ang tinaggal mula sa lumang questionnaires para sa survey sa taon na ito, at sinisegurado na ang questionaire sa taong ito ay akma sa kasalukuyang panahon at sitwasyon. Idinagdag pa ni Santiago na ang pagsasanay para sa mga enumerators ay isasagawa sa unang linggo ng susunod na buwan upang tiyakin din na sila ay maging pamilyar sa mga katanungan sa kuwestyonaryo at masigurong tama at kumpleto ang mga makukuhang datos.

Napakahalaga na tama at sigurado ang mga datos na mailagay sa CBMS dahil ito ang magiging gabay at batayan para sa pagpaplano, pagpili, at paghahanda ng pondo ng mga programa at proyekto upang maihatid ng pamahalaan ang tunay na mga pangangailangan ng mga tao, ayon pa kay Santiago.

Ang panlalawigang pamahalaan ay siyang tagapagsanay at tanggapang magmomonitor bago isagawa at habang ginagawa ang survey, samantalang ang mga pamahalaang munisipyo at mga barangay ay siyang hahawak ng survey.

Ang CBMS ay siyang naging reference material na ginamit ng mga pamahalaang barangay, munisipyo, at probinsiya ng Agusan del Sur sa pagpaplano, pagsaayos, at pagpapatupad ng mga proyekto at mga programa mula noong 2005. (RER/DMS/PIA-Caraga)

Cebuano News: Aquino mosugod sa iyang pagbisita didto sa United Kingdom sunod semana

Ni Susil D. Ragas

SURIGAO CITY, Mayo 31 (PIA) – Si Pangulong Benigno S. Aquino III mosugod sa iyang 3 ka adlawng opisyal nga pagbisita didto sa United Kingdom of Great Britain sugod karong Hunyo 4 ngadto 6.

Kini maoy pinakaunang pagbisita sa Pangulo ngadto sa United Kingdom isip Pangulo sa Pilipinas sukad siya milingkod niadtong tuig 2010. Ang UK usab maoy unang nasod sa Europa nga mabisita sa Pangulo karong tuiga.

Lakip sa mga aktibedades ni Pangulong Aquino atol sa iyang pagbisita didto mao ang bilateral meeting uban kang Prime Minister David Cameron diin gikatakdang tukion sa duha ka lideres ang political ug ekonomikanhong kooperasyon sa Pilipinas ug UK, ang partisipasyon sa UK ngadto sa international contact group (ICG), regional ug international nga mga isyu, ug anti-corruption ug ang good governance practices sa duha ka nasod.

Samtang atoa sa London, ang Pangulo makigtagbo usab uban sa pipila ka mga British investors, siya mosalmot sa Philipine fun tourism campaign sa Department of Tourism ug makigtagbo sa Filipino community didto sa UK.

Ang Pangulo gikatakdang mobisita sa Imperial War Museum didto sa London.

Si David Alderman Wootton, ang Lord Mayor of London maoy mangulo sa usa ka paniudto alang sa Pangulo. Siya usab makigtagbo kang Duke of York Prince Andrew.

Ang Pangulo gikatakda usab nga magpakita alang sa interbyu uban ang BBC World News.

Ang Pilipinas u gang UK adunay taas na nga diplomatikong relasyon sugod pa niadtong tuig 1946. Ang UK maoy nag-una sa mga European investors, ang ika 23 nga trading partner, ang pinakadako nga tourism market sa Europa ug adunay pinakadaghang ihap sa mga Filipino didto sa Europa. (SDR/PIA-Surigao del Norte)

Cebuano news: PEEDMO mibutyag sa ilang January to May 2012 income

SURIGAO DEL NORTE, Mayo 31 (PIA) -– Ang buhatan sa Provincial Economic Enterprise Development and Management Office (PEEDMO) ning probinsya mibutyag sa ilang kita gikan sa bulan sa Enero hangtod Mayo karong tuiga.

Si Graciela Mante, ang hepe sa PEEDMO, maoy mibutyag atol sa gipahigayon nga Monday Morning sharing bag-ohay pa lamang didto sa Provincial Convention Center, Surigao City.

Matud ni Mante ang Provincial Sports Complex nakakuha sa kinatibuk-ang kita gikan Enero hangtod Mayo karong tuiga nga mokabat sa P2,395,898.10. Sa kinatibuk-ang kita 71 porsyento niini ang kita gikan sa renta sa commercial space, 13 porsyento gikan sa sports activities, 8 porsyento gikan sa renta sa provincial gym, ug lain pang 8 porsyento nga kita gikan sa renta sa provincial convention center.

Siya nanghinaut nga unta magpadayon kining maong taas nga koleksyon kay kini makatabang gayud alang sa dugang mga proyekto sa probinsya. (Provincial Information Office/PIA-Surigao del Norte)